This was the millionaire life of “Larry Changa” after escaping from Chile

This was the millionaire life of “Larry Changa” after escaping from Chile
This was the millionaire life of “Larry Changa” after escaping from Chile

The Colombian National Police made an important arrest this week. It was the arrest of Larry Álvarez Núñez, known in the criminal world as “Larry Changa.”

Among the criminal’s criminal records, he appears as co-founder of the Aragua Train, for which he had an arrest warrant. in 196 countries by Interpol.


Finally, he managed to be located, after having remained in coffee lands for a while, where he had a life of luxury.

He lived in Chile and escaped before being detected

“Larry Changa”, before being arrested, He was residing in Chilespecifically, in the commune of Renca, where he was with his wife and obtained temporary residency, in addition to a RUT as a foreigner.

“Larry Changa” / Caracol News

The individual remained in the country between 2018 and 2022 and even set up a business in downtown Santiago, a few blocks from La Moneda.

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During that period, his objective was to establish the operations of the Aragua Train in Chile, but he managed to escape before being detected by the authorities.

The millionaire life of “Larry Changa” in Colombia

From there on, the criminal entered Colombiawhere he resided illegally, obtaining documents fraudulently.

In that country, it operated under the name Victor Miguel Moreno Alvarez and began to consolidate the presence of the Aragua Train, reported Infobae.

“Larry Changa’s” life in Colombia was one of luxury, as he managed to buy a million-dollar property and a high-end truck.

At that time, he was hiding in a large mansion-type homewhich was located in an exclusive sector of the municipality of Circasia.

How was the criminal arrested?

After being caught driving the luxury truck, the police of that country managed to follow him and locate him in an exclusive ranch, where he was finally captured, after a raid.

“Larry Changa” / Infobae Colombia

It should be noted that the offender was usually protected from several armed escortsbut just that day, the first of July, I didn’t count on his securitybecause they had given them the day off.

The Chilean Prosecutor’s Office is currently working on the extradition of the co-founder of the Tren de Aragua, a process that could be completed in no less than a year.

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