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Aguiar’s taunt to Milei over the demand to wear a black suit to the May Pact

Aguiar’s taunt to Milei over the demand to wear a black suit to the May Pact
Aguiar’s taunt to Milei over the demand to wear a black suit to the May Pact


In the middle of general strike that the state workers’ union launched for this Thursday and in the run-up to the popular pot that will take place in the Plaza de Mayo, the head of ATE, Rodolfo Aguiar, He lashed out at the Government and, in that, he spoke with irony of the pact that will be signed in Tucuman. Above all, he pointed out a demand made by the president Javier Miley To the guests: that they come with dark suit.

“They call for the failed May Pact on July 9, they tell them they have to wear a black suit. That seems like mourning, I don’t know if they are not calling for the wake of the Fatherland. It seems like mourning for everything that is happening.”the union leader representing part of the public workers, who is at war with the Casa Rosada over the casualties in the national ranks, which amounted to 2305 in the last few hours according to union records.

For the meeting that will take place in Tucumanwhere Milei plans to sign ten commitments The Presidency also requested confirmation of attendance. In addition to the provincial representatives, former presidents, senators, deputies, and representatives of business and union sectors are also invited. The idea is to meet at 11 pm on Monday the 8th and hold a vigil until midnight.

Milei’s invitation to the May Pact

Convinced that the Law Bases of the officialism “it is useless” and that’s why “it should be thrown away as soon as possible”, Aguiar commented on Radio Mitre: “It’s only for the planners with tax exemptionsfor the [Marcos] Galperin who are serial rapists of labor laws that escape to Uruguayfor the owners of the energy companies, CEOs of the laboratories. This government has not been able to carry out a single measure that enshrines rights or benefits for the people.”

Under the premise that the state employees have been suffering for seven months from the decisions of the libertarian administration, which is in the midst of purging the public plant, the union leader denied that these losses are linked to supposed “ñoquis” who do not work. “The main cause of dismissal is disappearing before the eyes of society. If official data from Indec is taken, from December 2023 until now there are 20,000 fewer jobs and in no case, despite the fact that we asked the President to publish a list of the ñoquis, could he prove the existence of any person who received a salary without workingon the contrary,” Aguiar commented.

ATE has already held several protests in ministries and in the Plaza de Mayo, with Rodolfo Aguiar at the head, to complain about the layoffs Ricardo Pristupluk

He even said that the state has “a guillotine on the head that falls every three months” because during that period of time the Casa Rosada usually makes waves of layoffs in the contracted personnel. “Meanwhile, the Government does not tire of incorporate friends, to whom he invents positions that do not exist in the organic structure of the administration and guarantees them million-dollar monthly salaries“, he contrasted.

Finally, Aguiar indicated that Milei uses “war terms” against them and it was there that he marked about the President: “He says something like: ‘We eliminated public employees, I am a mole infiltrated in the enemy ranks and I hate the State’. Then he says: ‘What better than being able to destroy it from within!’. If this is a war and we are the enemy, he should know that we will face him; it is either him or us.However, he clarified that he respects the fact that the president was elected by the majority of Argentines and denied wanting to attempt a “popular trial” against him.


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