Britain’s new Jewish first lady brings Shabbat to 10 Downing Street

Britain’s new Jewish first lady brings Shabbat to 10 Downing Street
Britain’s new Jewish first lady brings Shabbat to 10 Downing Street

Victoria Starmera Jewish woman with a rich cultural heritage and deep-rooted traditions, is poised to become the first lady of the United Kingdom.

Intertwined with her Jewish upbringing, her life story plays an important role in shaping her family’s values ​​and practices.

From regularly observing the Shabbat to maintain strong connections with the Jewish community, the influence of Victoria extends beyond the domestic sphere to the political career of her husband, the Labour leader Keir Starmer.

While Keir is about to become the next prime minister, the firm commitment of Victoria With her faith and cultural traditions, as well as her involvement in the fight against anti-Semitism, she emphasizes the unique role she will play as the new first lady of the United Kingdom.

Victoria Starmeroriginally Victoria Alexander, was born in 1963 in North London.

Sir Keir Starmer and his wife, Victoria, at the Labour leader’s Holborn and St Pancras constituency count.

His father was of Polish Jewish descent and his mother, a community physician, converted to Judaism upon her marriage.

While growing up, Victoria She was immersed in Jewish cultural traditions and practices, which played an important role in shaping her values ​​and outlook on life.

According to The Jewish Chronicle“Victoria’s father is Jewish (they came from Poland) and her mother converted when they got married.”

Family and Jewish practices

At the house of the StarmerJewish traditions are actively observed and appreciated. Even though Keir He is an atheist, the family observes Shabbat regularly, marking the weekly day of rest with family gatherings and traditional rituals.

In an interview with The Jewish Chronicle, Keir She mentioned: “Every week there is a challah and we say kiddush,” highlighting the importance of these rituals in her family life.

Their children are raised with a strong awareness of their Jewish identity, participating in various Jewish customs and celebrations.

Keir has emphasized the importance of these traditions in her home, ensuring that her children understand and appreciate their cultural and religious heritage.

The family belong to the Liberal Jewish Synagogue in St. John’s Wood, London, reflecting their active involvement in the Jewish community.

According to him Jewish Chronicle, Keir He stated: “My wife in particular wants our children to know her family’s faith.”

The Liberal Jewish Synagogue is part of the movement Liberal Jewa progressive stream of Judaism similar to Reform Judaism in the United States.

It focuses on modern interpretations of Jewish traditions and inclusivity, providing a welcoming environment for Jews of all backgrounds and levels of observance.

This inclusive approach aligns well with the values ​​of the Starmerfostering a sense of belonging and community.

Public life and Jewish identity

The Jewish heritage of Victoria It is a significant, if discreet, aspect of his public persona.

He actively participates in Jewish community activities, bringing a unique cultural wealth to his family.

By maintaining strong ties to their Jewish roots, the Starmer They ensure that their children grow up with a deep understanding of their heritage.

Despite her husband’s prominent political position, Victoria She prefers to stay out of the political spotlight and focus on her professional responsibilities and family life.

The fact that the incoming prime minister’s wife is a committed Jew is particularly relevant given the country’s recent history. Labor Party with accusations of anti-Semitism.

Keir has made clear its commitment to addressing antisemitism in the Labor Party It is a matter of principles and values, reinforced by the cultural and religious practices observed in your home.

He reiterated this commitment in a speech to the Labor Friends of Israelemphasizing that “anti-Zionist antisemitism is the antithesis of the Labour tradition.”

Connection with Israel

The connection of Victoria with Judaism inherently links it with Israel. He has family living in Israel y Keir has expressed deep concern for his safety amid the massacre in October 7.

His position on Israel is supportive and emphasizes the right of Israel to defend itself while advocating for peace and a two-state solution. Keir He told a Labour conference: “I strongly condemn the senseless murder of men, women and children, including British citizens, in cold blood by the terrorists of Hamas“.

In an interview with LBC, he also expressed “deep concern” for his extended family in Israel and highlighted the “incredible anxiety” they were experiencing.

Keir He added: “We support our Jewish communities here and we support Israel internationally.” He also noted that anti-Semitic attacks in the United Kingdom have tripled since the conflict began and said: “The attacks [antisemitas] are no exception.”

Keir Starmer emphasized the right of Israel to defend themselves and the need to adhere to international law, stating: “Everything must be done within international law.”

He criticized the BBC for his refusal to label Hamas as a terrorist, stating that terrorism is “obviously what we are witnessing.”

When discussing long-term solutions to the conflict, Starmer He stressed the importance of peace proposals and a two-state solution, saying: “We need to return to peace proposals and a two-state solution,” adding: “What we need to do is to return to peace proposals and a two-state solution.” Hamas has deliberately distanced him even further.”

Antisemitism in the Labour Party

Over the past decade, the Labor Party has faced significant criticism and controversy over accusations of anti-Semitism.

Under the leadership of Jeremy Corbynnumerous incidents and allegations of antisemitic behaviour and rhetoric within the party were reported.

This led to investigations and widespread condemnation from Jewish communities and beyond. The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) published a report in 2020 detailing the party’s failure to adequately address these issues, highlighting a “breakdown of trust” between the Labor Party and the Jewish community.

Upon becoming leader of the Labour Party, Keir Starmer He publicly pledged to “eradicate anti-Semitism” and restore trust, stating there would be “zero tolerance” for such behavior within the party.

The recent electoral success of the Labour Party

He Labor Party of Keir Starmer is set to end the 14-year rule of the Conservative Party in the UK, and is expected to win a significant majority in parliament.

An exit poll suggests Labour will win 410 of the 650 seats, highlighting widespread voter dissatisfaction with the Conservatives over the cost of living crisis and political instability. The Prime Minister Rishi Sunak He admitted defeat and acknowledged the poor performance of the match.

The Reform UK party of Nigel Faragewhich advocates right-wing populism, also made notable progress.

Despite the Labour victory, Starmer faces numerous challenges, including economic problems, strained public services and concerns related to Brexit.

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