Baby was left with half of his body paralyzed after a brutal beating by his aunt

A terrible incident of domestic violence was reported in the city of Mar del Plata, Argentina: A 9-month-old baby underwent emergency surgery after being beaten by her aunt.

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The events occurred on June 19, 2024, and after more than 15 days, the little girl is still hospitalized.

According to sources consulted by the Argentine newspaper Crónica, the baby would have been mistreated by the sister of her mother’s partner, who, apparently, He shook him violently and hit him on the head.

After the attack, the woman allegedly tried to hide what had happened, which ended up worsening the little girl’s condition, who had to be transferred to the Specialized Interzonal Hospital for Mothers and Children.

How is the baby who was beaten by her aunt doing?

According to health authorities, the baby suffered a ruptured bridging vein and retinal hemorrhages. The latest medical report indicated that the girl was hospitalized in intensive care and half of her body was paralyzed.

Prosecutor Leandro Arévalo, head of Functional Unit #7 of the Mar del Plata courts, is investigating the case and ordered the immediate arrest of the baby’s aunt.

The woman was charged with the crime of very serious injuries and abandonment of a person.

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