Evo Morales says military uprising was Arce’s “show”

Former Bolivian President Evo Morales on Sunday described the June 26 military uprising in La Paz as a “show” and considered it a “blow” to the Bolivian economy, with consequences such as the rise in the value of the dollar and the euro on the black market and a loss of external credibility.

In his Sunday program on the coca-growing radio station Kawsachun Coca, the former president (2006-2019) considered that the investigations will demonstrate whether what happened was a “coup”, a “self-coup” or a “counter-coup”.

However, he said he was “convinced” that it was “a show set up” by the country’s president, Luis Arce, from whom he is estranged, and the dismissed Army commander Juan José Zúñiga, who led the military takeover of the presidential headquarters in La Paz.

The leader of the ruling Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) recalled that he was “the first to denounce” the irregular movement of troops and to call for an indefinite strike “against the coup,” although he later changed his mind when he saw how things developed.

Former president says it was a blow to the economy

Morales criticized the fact that the Minister of Government (Interior), Eduardo del Castillo, approached and hit the window of the tank where Zúñiga was and also questioned the fact that up to now “no military personnel” involved in the uprising had been killed.

“At the international level we are a mockery, it is a mockery, what kind of coup is this?” he lamented.

“Let the people judge whether it is a coup or a self-coup, but the real blow (was) to the economy. As the prices of products rose, the dollar rose,” he added.

The former president asked if “this show has solved” the problem of the lack of dollars or fuel and considered that, on the contrary, the economic situation “has worsened.”

Morales commented on some news published in international and local media about the rise of the dollar and the euro in the informal market, the worsening of the “economic crisis” in Bolivia, the rise in country risk and the “bad image” with which the nation is left, especially in the eyes of economic organizations that grant external loans.

Arce maintains that it was an “attempted coup”

“With this show put together by Arce and Zúñiga, they have destroyed the country,” said Morales, adding that those who suggested “this way of operating have sunk Lucho and the government.”

On June 26, soldiers under the command of the now-dismissed Army commander took over the presidential headquarters in La Paz for a few hours, which was described by the government of Luis Arce as an “attempted coup d’état.”

After Arce relieved the military high command on the same day, Zúñiga and the troops retreated, the former commander was arrested and is now being held preventively in a prison in the center of the country.

During his arrest, Zúñiga accused Arce of having ordered the military action to “boost his popularity.”

The opposition and Morales separately agreed that it was a “self-coup,” while the Arce government has insisted that it stopped an “attempted coup d’état.”

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