What is the new digital identity card in Chile?

What is the new digital identity card in Chile?
What is the new digital identity card in Chile?

He Civil Registry presented a few weeks ago the modernization that will take place identity carda document that allows Chilean citizens to prove their identity and which, since this year, has also been will have a digital version.

According to the organization that is about to turn 140 years old, the transformation of the card will take place from the December 16, 2024 throughout the country and at Chilean consulates abroad. In the case of passports, there will also be a digital version.

The initiative seeks not only to adopt high-level technologies in these documents, but also to further strengthen security by preventing forgery.

But how exactly will the digital identity card format work?

The new identity card has at least 32 security measuressuch as non-standard font, a photograph on the left side, laser-engraved data and tactile embossing. All this, to prevent documents from being falsified.

The elements in the design are a transparent copihue in the upper right, a huemul and two araucarias in the lower part. The Andes mountain range can also be seen in the background.

The design of the new identity card, which will also have a digital version.

These same characteristics of the card will be reflected in a digital version, which will put Chile at the forefront of identity documents.

According to the Civil Registry, The digital ID card will be available through an application that can be downloaded to iOS and Android mobile devices. This can be used in both public and private organizations, which will greatly facilitate digital and in-person procedures.

In December, with the launch of the new physical card, the digital format will also be available.

Although it is not mandatory for everyone to have this version, it can be useful when you want to carry out important errands and do not want to carry the physical card.

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