Uruguay bought six fighter planes from Brazil to protect its borders

Uruguay bought six fighter planes from Brazil to protect its borders
Uruguay bought six fighter planes from Brazil to protect its borders

The Uruguayan Air Force purchased six Tucano model aircraft from the Brazilian firm Embraer (Embraer)

He Ministry of National Defense from Uruguay bought six planes from the Brazilian manufacturer Embraer with the aim of patrolling and securing the borders. The acquisition of the Super Tucano model involves an investment of USD 100 million, which is in line with a plan that the government of Luis Lacalle Pou of “renewal of forces,” explained the minister Armando Castaingdebat at a press conference.

The head of the National Defense Department went to a Senate committee on Monday to give details of the purchase made by the Uruguayan Air Force.

The government also acquired a plane called Brasiliawhich is intended to adapt the back door to enable it to carry out medical transfers, and which is similar to one that the Uruguayan force already has.

The purchase from Embraer, meanwhile, will be for six Super Tucano aircraft.It would mean a before and after in the Uruguayan Air Force, in a policy of trying to protect the Uruguayan border as much as possible.“, the minister said.

Uruguay invested US$ 100 million in the purchase of six aircraft (Embraer)

The minister contacted the Brazilian company’s executives on Monday, who confirmed that the aircraft would arrive in Uruguay this week. However, there are still some formalities to be finalized, related to the original guarantee and endorsement.

The purchase announced on Monday will also be accompanied by a “technological package” as the government is evaluating different offers to buy radars. “If it can be completed, it is good news not only for the Air Force but for the whole of Uruguay, to be able to move forward in sealing borders“, said.

On its website, Embraer highlights that the model A-29 Super Tucano It has “broad operational flexibility and maneuverability” and claims to be the “only light attack aircraft designed from the ground up to meet the demands of air combat.” Its speed, altitude and range are “exceptional,” and it is “highly maneuverable” to “intercept aircraft.”

The new Minister of Defense of Uruguay, Armando Casaingdebat, and the outgoing official, Javier García (Presidency)

The president was involved in managing the purchase of these aircraft. Luis Lacalle Pou and its Brazilian counterpart Lula da Silvareported The countryThe heads of state met at the Mercosur Summit in Paraguay And, although a meeting between them was not prearranged, yes There was room for a few short minutes of conversation. In that dialogue, an agreement was reached that had been under negotiation for some time.

The conversation between the presidents took place between the end of the summit and the lunch that the leaders had in Asunción. During that brief exchange, the operation was closed, which includes the purchase of the six aircraft for USD 100 million, to be paid for in a period of between 10 and 15 years. The government believes that the investment will be key to improve airspace control and have more tools to contain drug trafficking.

The new Brasilia aircraft, meanwhile, costs just over USD 1 million and will replace the one currently in use by the Air Force.

Uruguayan President Luis Alberto Lacalle Pou takes part in a meeting of the summit of heads of state of the Southern Common Market (Mercosur) on July 8, 2024, in Asuncion (Paraguay). (EFE/ Antonio Lacerda)

The renewal of the fleet is a goal that the authorities set at the beginning of the administration. The previous minister, Javier Garciamanaged the purchase of two planes Hercules for US$ 24 million, two helicopters and agreed the purchase of two ocean patrol vessels from a Spanish shipyard.

In December 2020, the renewal of the Air Force’s equipment began with the arrival of the first Hercules. “Today begins a process of modernization of essential equipment. With this addition there is more sovereignty, more human security, more civil protection,” the leader stressed at the time.

The The national armyMeanwhile, it also began a fleet renewal process that included – in addition to the purchase of two ocean vessels – the arrival of new coast guard vessels, search and rescue boats and a scientific research vessel.

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