They ordered a wine but were confused about the price and had to pay a fortune

They ordered a wine but were confused about the price and had to pay a fortune
They ordered a wine but were confused about the price and had to pay a fortune


What started as a quiet lunch with friends ended up becoming a anecdote viral that caused a stir on TikTok. A group of young people in Salvador, Brazil, experienced a monumental confusion with the price of a bottle of wine, which resulted in a bill of approximately 451.209 pesos. The incident occurred on Sunday, July 7, and went viral in the following hours.

The origin of the problem was a misinterpretation of the price of wine by one of the group’s members. Thalyta Figueiredo, a 27-year-old architect, shared in a video how she, her boyfriend and two other friends ended up paying an exorbitant amount at the Mistura restaurant, located on Avenida Contorno.

They ordered a wine worth 200,000 pesos thinking it cost 20,000: they were left with the billShutterstock

According to Thalyta, the initial idea was to choose the cheapest wine to keep expenses under control. However, the difficulty in accessing the digital menu led her friend Juliana to misinterpret the price of a bottle of white wine. Pear is missing. The young woman thought the bottle cost 20,000 Argentine pesos, when in reality the price was ten times higher: $200,000.

The friends began enjoying wine while waiting for a table, and after being called inside the restaurant, they continued drinking and They asked for another bottle without suspecting anything. Thalyta mentioned that although they noticed certain details that showed high-quality service, such as the careful attention of the waiters, they did not realize the error until the bill arrived.

“The person who received the bill was Pedro, Juliana’s boyfriend. When he showed it, I felt a pain in my stomach and intense heat,” Thalyta said. Upon reviewing the bill and the menu, they confirmed that they had made a serious mistake.

The total of the bill, which amounted to $451,200 pesos, and was to be divided among the four friends, which resulted in an individual figure of $128,022. Despite the tension and embarrassment, they managed to pay the bill.

The Mistura restaurant, contacted by the media G1clarified that the price of the wine was clearly indicated on the menu, but they understood the young people’s inexperience. In an official statement, the restaurant management expressed its solidarity with the young people and offered them a complimentary dinner as a sign of goodwill.

The story quickly became a topic of conversation on social media and attracted both sympathy and disbelief from users. Meanwhile, Thalyta and her friends learned a valuable lesson on the importance of verification carefully check prices before placing an order, especially when it comes to expensive drinks.

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