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Japan puts a furry as its army mascot — Kudasai

After World War II, Japan established the so-called “Japan Self Defense Forces“, an army confined to Japanese territory that is not allowed to deploy abroad, unless authorized by the United States. When Japan lost in World War II, it was forced to forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation, as well as the threat or use of force to settle international disputes.

Anyway, the status of the Japan Self-Defense Forces is currently under discussion, especially with North Korea’s constant interruptions in Japanese maritime space. But we are not here to talk about the war and other things, but a recent campaign that is attracting attention in the comment forums.

It turns out that the Japan Self-Defense Forces announced the introduction of new official mascots, which include a variety of creatures and curious designs based on real-life items, such as a radar van with beady anime eyes; or a samurai girl who fights using a huge fish:

But one of the pets definitely drew attention to the others. Is about “Omaneko (おまねこ)“, a furry creature from the “Nyanya Police Force” who always wants to play on the radar dome. His height can vary between 176 cm and up to 40 meters, being a good athlete on land but not in water. And by the way, he is a man.

The decision to include a furry as the official mascot definitely drew attention on the comment boards in Japan.highlighting:

  • «Never forget: he is a man».
  • «Wow, I wouldn’t be surprised if there start to be various erotic illustrations of this character soon.».
  • «This is modern Japan gentlemen».
  • «Well, I have no problem with it being a man.».
  • «Will the Japan Self Defense Forces also participate in doujinshi conventions?».
  • «Japan Self Defense Forces? What if we finally stop being dependent on the United States?».
  • «To be honest, that character was created to feed the most curious sexual desires».
  • «Wow, this seems crazy to me».

And they were not wrong, if we check pixiv we can realize that this character already has an official page, and let’s review some of the most outstanding illustrations (or at least the ones we can share here):

Fountain: otakomu

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