Fermin, the building manager cat who welcomed a new tenant

Fermin, the building manager cat who welcomed a new tenant
Fermin, the building manager cat who welcomed a new tenant

A young Canadian man moved into a new apartment without realizing that it came with a cat that visits him every day

Moving to a new home turns out to be very stressful at times, when unpacking everything you need to organize the space, things usually come out that you do not remember that you had saved, however the brother of A young Twitter user discovered that she “had” a cat.

An orange cat with flashes of white at the tips of its fur appeared as if it were part of the apartment. The young woman identified as Sofia Arjam explained that her brother was unpacking in her new home, however the pet of one of the residents of the building kept going in and out of the place as if he were the landlord.

Despite the fact that access has been limited on some occasions, the apparent owner of the apartment found other alternatives to enter. Has been caught entering through the balconythrough the front door and has slept on the young man’s furniture.

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The cat has entered and left the apartment as if it were his own home (Instagram @ferminmysticalcat)

Sofia made the first publication on March 9, however in recent days she has updated the Twitter thread with more information and videos about the cat. The main tweet has so far gathered 212,200 likes and more than 23,000 retweets.

Among the comments that have been made in the publication several people They have said they are envious of Sofia’s brother, since it is a quite tender event. “Why doesn’t this happen to me?”, “That’s the opposite of having a problem”, “now they really belong to him”, “he’s clearly the building manager”, were some of the opinions.

Also other users took advantage to comment on similar stories that they have with other cats that visit them in their homes or workplaces. What began as a post to highlight the strange arrival of the orange cat, ended up becoming a thread of anecdote of cats that have a double life.

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The cat is originally from Mexico, but moved to Canada along with its owners (Instagram @ferminmysticalcat)

“I’m obsessed with him, his name is Fermin,” Sofia wrote in one of the updates to the story. After the story went viral on Twitter, the user took the opportunity to share the Instagram profile that the owners of the cat did where they share photos and clips of what the cat does in its day to day.

ferminthemysticalcat is the feline’s Instagram user, according to the description of the account this pet was born in Mexico but currently resides in Canada. “Welcome to what is now called ‘Fermin’s brotherhood,'” their owners explained in the account.

The profile was created on March 10 of this year and already has 22 publications and 2,594 followers, most of which have come from the Twitter thread he made. Sofia Ajram. Fermin is a Persian cat and one of his most reacted posts is a photo of him being bathed and all his fluffy fur “disappeared” by the water.

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The Instagram account that was opened for Fermin has gathered thousands of followers in recent weeks (Instagram @ferminmysticalcat)

This breed of felids receives its name from its country of origin since the first hieroglyphic references to these furry animals date back to 1684 BC, according to The Cat Fanciers Association (CFA), an organization specialized in this type of domestic animals.

“Their sweet and gentle personalities blend into most homes once they feel secure in their new surroundings,” the association explained about how these pets cope in their environments.

The CFA explained that this breed is very special, expressive and playful, so it is very common for them to get too close to people and make it clear which are their favorite places in the house, be it a window, a balcony or an armchair.



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