Micaela Cometa, the Italian artist who is inspired by the nature of Lanzarote for her creations

Micaela Cometa, the Italian artist who is inspired by the nature of Lanzarote for her creations
Micaela Cometa, the Italian artist who is inspired by the nature of Lanzarote for her creations

Mixing art and naturethe Italian artist Micaela Cometa, resident in Lanzarote, he is dedicated to his passion for years: creating paintings in the atelier and the exterior of the farm where he lives in Tinajo.

The 28-year-old painter who uses a style abstract neo-expressionist to give life to his creations, he has revealed The voice What is your source of inspiration? He travels around the island with the intention of discovering new places that will help him focus his paintings. When “I’m walking, I always look at nature,” so it’s “easier” for “I can identify something inspiring to draw,” she says. When he visits a new place and wants fresh ideas, “I go with my notebook” to take “notes or draw quickly” and I also “take photographs.” So, “I capture on the canvas what is most surprising” from each area of ​​the island, he added.

His paintings stand out for the fusion between art and the naturewithout forgetting the addition of natural resources as the sea ​​salt, sand, earth, petrified lava and volcanic rocks, that he gets from every getaway he takes on the island. “I take material from the environment so I can later fit it into the works,” she reveals. His objective is to “give originality” to the paintings and to “transmit something real” and he achieves this by “fitting in some elements of nature” that Lanzarote offers.

He left his old gallery in Teguise due to “lack of tranquility” to search for it from his own home. Therefore, when he wants to use the environmental resources for his works, he collects them and takes them to his “shelter”, a laboratory that he has inside his farm. “I go into the laboratory or go out into the field and start creating,” she revealed. What she likes most during the spring and summer season is “work outdoors to connect with nature”adds the artist.

The artist on the land she has on her farm

Original decoration with marijuana and menstrual blood

There are various works published on its website, ready for lovers of abstract art they buy them. Under the title of ‘Orzola Prints’, ‘Cueva de los Verdes’, ‘Famara’, ‘El Risco’, ‘El Volcán del Cuervo’ and ‘Caletón Blanco’, with these paintings, merge the vivid colors and darkmainly yellow, brown and green, some very prominent in the nature of the island.

He also captures in his works some of the social conflicts that happen around the world like Immigration wave War. A work done in acrylic and call ‘Gaza & Israel under the Devil’, inspired by war between Israel and Gazain which a representation of the bombings and the great line that divides both places.

Without a doubt, the painting that attracts the most attention and causes concern is the one made with menstrual blood entitled ‘Infibulazione’. Based on the claim against female genital mutilationa practice that is still carried out on girls and women between 15 and 49 years in countries of Africa, Middle East, Asia and Latin America.

Painting with menstrual blood against female genital mutilation

A work valued at “more than 5,000 euros” with great meaning and, therefore, is not for sale. It has been exhibited in museums in New York and will soon be donated to the ‘Abreu Museum’ in the Dominican Republic”, belonging to Oscar Abreuthe son of the Dominican fashion designer Oscar de la Renta, the artist has confessed to the newspaper.

After her exhibition, the painter thought that the criticism “was going to be negative” due to the “great visual impact” it represents, she reveals. Contrary to what she thought, she has received very good reviews in the art world. Furthermore, another of the works that stand out for his vindication is that of ‘Immigration’in which he expresses the need for help with the placement of the palms of your hands on the canvas.

He takes his creations to the extreme so much that, he has decorated marijuana leaves one of his paintings, the one inspired by ‘Crow Volcano’, as you have decided to title it. An original work that is among the most surprising, but is not for sale either. She prefers to admire them from the living room of her house.

The painting ‘Volcán del Cuervo’ decorated with marijuana leaves

Exhibitions in Lanzarote, Miami and New York

Their exhibitions in Lanzarote are usually held in workshops, at the César Manrique Airport, in the ‘El Aljibe’ Gallery and in the ‘Eduardo Fariña in Haría and Costa Teguise and also, at the Arrecife Nautical Club, among other locations. “I did an event in a private house with 100 people in Mácher,” she recalled. A local but also international artist, who has a place abroad. She has led with her works in different events of Miami and New York during 2022, cities where he frequently goes to present his work.

Among its clients, the germans, although it also has buyers from the island with a great purchasing power. Paintings ‘Famara’ and ‘Caletón Blanco’it is in some of the paintings that the rich tycoons that pass through Lanzarote, always moved by what the artist transmits. “I talk to them and I know that most of them buy them for the emotion that I give them”, he assures. He even says that one of the buyers was so interested in a painting that “He came to his house repeatedly until he convinced him to sell it to him,” account.

Additionally, he collaborates with some of the renowned artists on the island. “I’m working with the interior designer Pablo Ramos Baldi“, he noted. The interior decorator has a workshop in San Bartolomé, where he helps promote the artist’s paintings.

He began to dedicate himself to art during the pandemic, when he lost his job related to Advertising. It was a friend of hers who encouraged her to embark on it. She “She posted the photographs of some of my paintings on the internet and started selling them.” When she realized they were “selling out” she told me: “You have talent, focus on that”, he expresses. And so, after several years dedicating herself to it, she promises that her career will continue to rise higher and higher.

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