“I’m tired of the controversy”

“I’m tired of the controversy”
“I’m tired of the controversy”

The author of Azpeitia’s washerwoman: “I am tired of the controversy”Loaned

Josu Azkue, author of the sculpture of a washerwoman which the Azpeitia City Council has rejected for showing a “stereotype of the female body”, does not hide its displeasure, to which is now added the viral impact that the news is having. “I’m tired of the commotion that has been created and seeing myself in the middle of it all. “I prefer not to make statements on this issue,” said the Azpeitiarra sculptor who gave the sculpture to the municipality with the intention that it be placed next to the old laundry annex to the parish of San Sebastián de Soreasu.

In fact, his project was chosen for the 2023 Sormen scholarships that promote creative projects and, in his proposal, where he already outlined a model of what it would become after the creative process, he claimed a work to value the quiet work of the women with the image of a washerwoman.

The proposal contemplated an exhibition starring the figure that would allow us to see the process of transformation of the block of black marble of 2,800 kilos in the laundress with the help of the photographs he has taken in the eight months that the illness has taken him. execution of the construction site. ”I don’t even know what to say; only that the figure does not fit through the door of the room that they have offered me,” he ended by saying. Azkue regarding the alternative offered by the EH Bildu Council, where after refusing to allow the sculpture to be exhibited in the street, they have offered to exhibit it in the Betharram room of the location.

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