UMSNH emeritus teacher presents book about his experiences

Egberto Bedolla Becerril, founder of the Institute of Metallurgical Research at the Universidad Michoacana. | Photography: Graphic Communication Agency

Morelia, Mich.- The emeritus professor of the Michoacana University of San Nicolás de Hidalgo (UMSNH), Egberto Bedolla Becerril, presented a book of memories entitled Experiences and anecdotes of a Poturense.

Before an audience made up mainly of family and friends, who participated in the founding of the Metallurgical Research Institute of the UMSH, in addition to having held several public positions as academic secretary and coordinator of Scientific Research in the same institution and the ownership of State Education, indicated that he wrote the text “so that they would not be bothering me by not repeating the anecdotes”, alluding to the request of friends to leave the oral nature of his experiences and capture them in a book.

Accompanied in the presidium by the regent of the Colegio de San Nicolás, Jeanette Morales Cortés, the native of Poturo, in the municipality of Churumuco, pointed out during his speech that after having studied at the University of Newcastle , in England, his integration into the UMSNH was not easy, despite the fact that his training was part of an agreement between the Casa de Hidalgo and the National Association of Universities and Higher Education Institutions (ANUIES), which proposed the incorporation of postgraduates to the university academic staff.

In those years, he said, the university authorities little valued postgraduate studies, so he had to seek an interview with Fernando Solana, then Secretary of Public Education, from whom he was pleased that he received them together with the researcher and his teacher Santiago Cendejas. Huerta, to raise the refusal of the UMSNH and it was thus that a few days after the meeting he was installed as a teacher, including the payment that had been haggled over for several months, a situation that also thanked “the prayers of my mom.”

Bedolla highlighted that among the greatest emotions of his life is having seen his name on the list of accepted students at the Colegio de San Nicolás de Hidalgo, a situation that he said made him shout: “I’m finally Nicolaita!” €.

Commentators on the text, officials and friends of the author, praised the simplicity with which Bedolla Becerril narrates his experiences. Javier Gómez Orozco did not hesitate to equate him with Ghandi and even Socrates, pointing out that he was “the man to follow”, a model in which he considered that even though the author of the text had been offered a job at a European university Upon completing his studies in materials sciences in Newcastle, he decided to return to UMSNH, “to build.”

Mario Chávez Campos, director of Higher Education for Teachers of the SEP, pointed out in his speech that Bedolla has been on the side of “just causes” and defined him as “a communist”, not as much as the faithful interpreter of the ideological apparatus of this political doctrine, “but doing it”, of simplicity as a person and who managed health works, the introduction of water and electricity to his hometown, where he also proposed introducing new crops to benefit local producers.

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