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YesON DAYS awaited for reading lovers. The booths at the Huesca Book Fair have already raised their blinds so that the public can peer into unknown territories and exciting universes, to be seduced by a title, a cover or the brief words on the back cover. But, although reading is an individual exercise on most occasions, it also generates a lot of interaction with the rest of the readers and, these days especially, with the entire public that shares the space. But it is not the only place to get caught up in books.. There is a literary territory called Barbitania, where characters and authors intersect with a special look. this year to ‘landscape, territory and homeland’. With this motto, the III Festival is celebrated, which brings together important authors and turns the streets of Barbastro into an authentic festival of letters.

Yesterday afternoon, a very special moment was experienced: the Judgment of the Ciudad de Barbastro Literary Awards, with a live gala in which the importance of the longest-standing awards in Aragonese literature is felt. But, above all, these awards are also capable of attracting the attention of an entire universe of writers in the town of Barbastro. And, when they arrive, they know their territory, their culture, their heritage, their wine and their gastronomy.. That flavor travels with them and also sneaks into their stories, like El Coso in those of the writer from Basbastro and president of the jury of the Ciudad de Barbastro Novel Prize, Manuel Vilas. Readers, for their part, approach books and authors in a different way, through presentations, such as at the Huesca Book Fair. These are days for literature.

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