‘Elmer pop-up’. Because the important thing is to be you, unique and special

‘Elmer pop-up’. Because the important thing is to be you, unique and special
‘Elmer pop-up’. Because the important thing is to be you, unique and special

We met Elmer in the now distant 1989, but its story is still alive. This story has filled optimism millions of hearts, more than eight million copies. It is the ideal book to teach the little ones the importance of self-acceptance. In a world of elephants, they are all big, fat, with big ears, a big trunk for a nose and gray skin, but each one has its own characteristics, taller, with more hair in the ears, with bigger eyes. big ones or the longest tail.

Elmer is so famous that he even has his own day. May 27 is Elmer’s Daythat is, the day of friendship, camaraderie, self-esteem, diversity…

But Elmes is completely different. In reality, he is also big, fat, with big ears, a big trunk for a nose, but his color is not gray. His skin is a different color, well, many colors: green, yellow, red, black, white, pink, blue, all the colors you can imagine. Among so many gray elephants, Elmer can be seen from afar, he stands out in the herd.

One night Elmer cannot sleep, he is not very happy with his color, he would like to be a gray elephant, like everyone else, so he looks for a way to hide the color of his skin, so… I won’t tell you more, read, or read them this charming book to yours and you will enjoy.

With Elmer you will work values: Elmer is a very elephant friendly and compassionatethe ideal to work the friendship; Elmer, although he is different, cares about his classmates, his friends, he likes to play with them and make them laugh; he shows us that he is the real deal fellowship; Elmer knows that he is different from others, he does not have the same color, but he feels proud of who he is, which is why he is the ideal character to work on self-esteem, to teach children the importance of loving and accepting oneself, no matter what they are. Elmer is an elephant multicolored that stands out from the other gray elephants, ideal for working on diversity, to teach how to accept others as they are.

Since the year 89 Elmer’s books have been growing: Elmer and the gift, Search and find Elmer’s colors, Elmer and the lost treasure, Elmer’s big family, Elmer goes for a walk, A day with Elmer, Elmer’s big day (when he turned 30 years old), Where is Elmer?, Elmer and the butterfly, Elmer and the snake, What a great idea Elmer!, I learn to read with Elmer, Elmer and his gang, Merry Christmas Elmer, Elmer and emotions, Elmer and colors, Elmer and the song, Elmer’s Adventures, Elmer and the monster, Elmer is special, Elmer, prepare…, Elmer and the rainbow Elmer and Grandpa Eldo,Elmer is back!, Elmer and the kangaroo, Elmer and the snow, Elmer and Wilbur, Elmer and the hippos, Color with Elmer, in addition to the special ones and the one we present today in a great Pop-Up. With them you can enjoy the whole family.

Little readers recommend: Rafael Carmona Leiva, 2nd year ESO student “This is the third time I have read Elmer and each time it has told me something new. The story of this elephant is very important because it teaches you that the first acceptance is your own, if you don’t love yourself it doesn’t matter if the whole herd loves you. And what happens to Elmer happens to many children who get muddy, dress up, to pretend they are like everyone else. It is a mistake, because beauty is in that difference, in having many colors other than gray.”

Elmer Pop-Up” It has 16 pages and in each of them, in addition to its great message, we have Pop-Up that give life and movement to the story, flaps to lift and fold out. Cover and pagination in hard cardboard, size 26×26. With this volume you will have many rereads.

Activities with your reading: We can create a new Elmer book: Elmer visits our classwhere we live a new adventure of camaraderie, self-esteem and, above all, acceptance of all the students in our classroom.


David McKee, Devon, England. Writer and illustrator. He studied at Plymouth School of Art and Howsen College of Art, London. He began drawing comic strips for newspapers and magazines. His great creation is Elmer, but he has more books published in Spain, among them we note: The Story of Toucan, The Sad Story of Veronica, The Two Admirals, Black and White and I Hate My Teddy Bear.

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