These are Natalie Portman’s favorite reads

It is often believed that the great Hollywood actresses have no life beyond the big screen or the red carpets, but that is not the case and we have just discovered it with Natalie Portman. The great Hollywood actress and Dior muse, has taken advantage of a trip to Paris to enjoy one of the cultural spaces with the greatest history in the French capital, the National Library of France, and one of the oldest in the world since it dates back to 1792.

Muse of the house, the actress and her Dior Book Tote, one of the great icons of the French house, a pioneer in launching this type of designs on the market, have revealed the love for books that the actress feels, and also, this It Bag de la casa is perfect for reading lovers, because it is large enough and stylish enough to carry fashion and culture from one place to another.

What books does Natalie Portman read?

«The Dior Book Tote Club celebrates the unbreakable and always reinvented links between the house and the arts. Today it is the turn of Natalie Portman, Miss Dior’s muse, to reveal which of her favorite works she keeps in her bag. Dior Book Tote, a timeless icon, enhanced with the captivating Mexican Millefiori print,” is how the house explains what lies behind this encounter between muse and reading.

Right from the Labrouste room, one of the legendary reading rooms of the Library, the actress lists the books that have marked her life:

  • When We Cease to Understand the Worldor in our country A terrible greenery, by Benjamín Labatut: The adventure of science converted into literature. An unclassifiable and powerfully seductive book, as explained by the Anagrama publishing house.
  • My Brilliant Friend (L’Amie prodigieuse), In our country The wonderful friend, by the Italian Elena Ferrante. The first book in a dazzling saga that has as its backdrop the city of Naples in the middle of the last century and as protagonists Lenù and Lila, two young women who are learning to govern their lives in an environment where cunning, rather than intelligence, it is the ingredient of all sauces.
  • Hope in the Dark: Untold Histories, Wild PossibilitiesIn our country hope in the dark, by Rebecca Solnit. A work where the writer reflects on the crucial, often underestimated, achievements of grassroots activists creating a manifesto of optimism for the 21st century.
  • On PhotographyIn our country About photographyby Susan Sontag. Published for the first time in 1973, it was a revolutionary work in photographic criticism, raising unavoidable questions, on a moral and aesthetic level, about this artistic form.

But that’s not all, as the house says, there is one more book that is never missing from Natalie Portman’s daily life: Todd Haynes. American Chimères, by Judith Revault d’Allonnes and Amélie Galli, whose photographs trace the career of filmmaker Haynes. “An ode to the power of books that reflects Dior’s passion for creation and beauty in all its forms,” ​​they say from Dior.

If you don’t know what to read this season, these ideas proposed by Natalie Portman and Dior Book Tote are a good plan for your summer afternoons. You sign up?

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