The writer José Pérez Orozco spoke about the purpose

The writer José Pérez Orozco spoke about the purpose
The writer José Pérez Orozco spoke about the purpose

He woke up in the early morning to write reflective phraseswithout imagining that one day it would lead them to become a 365 page booka number that represents the days in a year, since every 24 hours brings a learning with him.

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Although he Barranquilla architect José Pérez Orozco is considered a anarchic personwitnessing the space he uses to develop his ideas, shows that in the midst of that absence of hierarchiesthere is some order.

A huge lamp illuminates the space, in which a warm light predominates that makes the place unique, and leaves only the bare the table and the architect in complete rest, ready to start his process loaded with ideas and take the works to another level.

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Pérez Orozco has been the designer of works such as Caimán del Río, the International Gastronomic Center of Puerto Colombia 1888 and now he works on a construction site Salgar Castlewhere his talent has stood out.

This creative long gray hairtold how he managed to write a phrase for each day of the year and what the main purpose of the year is. book.

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