Carlos Caszely releases a book inspired by his wife: “So they understand”

Carlos Caszely releases a book inspired by his wife: “So they understand”
Carlos Caszely releases a book inspired by his wife: “So they understand”

Between the visits to his grandson in the Colo Colo youth teams and his always accurate comments on current sports news, Carlos Caszely He also found time to write a book. It is “Rayito en mi corazón”, a piece of poetry that he dedicates to his deceased wife, Maria de los Ángeles Guerra.

The football world was shocked when, in February 2022, Caszely said goodbye to the love of his life due to spinal cancer. Now, the King of the Square Meter took his grief to the pages of a book that he presented this week in Concepción, under the intense rain brought by the frontal system of the central-southern area.

“It is a very special context. It is the first time that so much water falls here and unfortunately, there must be many victims. On the other hand, coming to present my book, which are love poems for my wife who is no longer with us, has had an incredible reception,” Caszely said, according to Biobío.

The former Colo Colo and Chilean national team player explained that this collection of poems “is more about a human being with a black heart, who suffers and is for many people who have gone through (or are going to go through) the same thing” and “ so that people understand the pain of a human being who loved, loves and will always love a woman.”

Limited copies of Carlos Caszely’s book

“My roots with poetry come from the heart, from this black heart. I began to write, trying to draw through torrential veins, with black blood, to try to capture it in a book that, so far, the people who have read it have loved it,” he continued.

The book has a limited stock and will not be available in bookstores, since Caszely commented that he is not looking to make money from the creation of this compilation of poems. The available copies “are going to cost ten thousand pesos, it’s like having a coffee and some moons anywhere.”

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