The Madrid Book Fair comes to an end after 17 days of signatures

ANDRetiro Park is adorned with letters, poetry and culture every year bordering on summer. A new Book Fair has come to an end today SundayJune 16, where like every year, The most seasoned readers come to have the people in whom they trust their imagination dedicate not only the book, but also a part of their time. talking and exchanging sensations regarding the work that unites them.

The eighty-third edition of the Madrid Book Fair opened its doors in the legendary Retiro Park on May 31 and concludes a new season this Sunday, June 16. One day worth highlighting was that it could not open its doors starting with the afternoon shift since the well-known park in Madrid usually closes when adverse weather phenomena occur.

Faced with a hypothetical accident due to falling tree branches, the Madrid city council decided to close the park from 6:00 p.m. this Thursday, but the other days passed normally.

A great success in numbers

This edition has been a success in the numbers according to its director Eva Orúe, who commented on June 9 that the business figures amounted to 5,580,000 euros with an influx of unique visitors above 550,000. Organizers hope to surpass last year’s numberswhere more than 1,200,000 reading fans attended. Official figures will be released on Thursday.

The director was happy: “I think we can be satisfied. Despite the weather disturbances, the alerts that forced us to change opening hours and scheduled events on the fly, “The public has filled the El Retiro Paseo de Coches for another year.”.

Book lovers now only have to wait for May 30, 2025 to arrive with a new edition of the Book Fair, with a theme related to New York, according to Eva Orúe.

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