BOOKS | Alberto Estrella presents his first book of sonnets in Puebla: “they surround you like a song”

As part of the special presentations of the 2024 Book Festival, held at the old San Roque hospital, the actor and writer Alberto Estrella unveiled his first book of sonnets called “Nothing is forever.”

In it, the performer delves into the universe of sonnets, compositions made up of 14 hendecasyllabic verses distributed in two quartets and two tercets, which were very popular during the time of Sor Juan Inés de la Cruz.

Sonnets are not very common among contemporary writers; they have even come to be considered outdated or obsolete, as stated by the winner of the Silver Goddess in an interview for this publishing house.

«I know very few contemporary authors who write sonnets. They told me not to make sonnets anymore, because it was already an obsolete form, a form so old that people found it boring,” he said.

He noted that, to his surprise, the book has had a good response among people. He explained that perhaps because the sonnets have a romantic nostalgia, they evoke the past.

“It envelops you as if it were a song, as if it were a song, in fact, that’s where the word sonnet comes from: it is a song arranged with words where there is an internal song,” he said.

Alberto Estrella added that the sonnet is a mental challenge, something that, he stressed, pleases him as a person who has always rowed against what most people do.

He revealed that, to date, he has written around 260 sonnets, some of which will be published in a second book, called “This Too Shall Pass.”

He also mentioned that, among his plans for the year 2025, he highlights publishing the first 100 sonnets he has written in his literary career, which would make him a lucky pen to own, because few have that opportunity.

“A parked past”, this represents San Roque for Alberto Estrella

Regarding the 2024 Book Festival in Puebla, he indicated that it is the first occasion that it is presented in the old San Roque hospital, which in his opinion gives it a feeling of a “parked past.”

“For me it is an honor to be able to present my book this day, because it is a very beautiful, warm environment that invites reflection,” he declared.

He was pleased that the government of Puebla has rescued the property located on Juan de Palafox y Mendoza avenue number 607, in the Historic Center of Puebla.

During the administration of the Secretary of Culture, Sergio Vergara Berdejo, the old San Roque hospital would be the museum of the 32 regions of the state, but in the end, with Enrique Glockner at the head of the department, it was decided to turn it into a cultural center .

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