Ian Bounos presents his book “Philosophers Rehabilitation Center”

Ian Bounos presents his book “Philosophers Rehabilitation Center”
Ian Bounos presents his book “Philosophers Rehabilitation Center”

This Saturday at 8:30 p.m. at Casa Sur, located at 255 Triunvirato, Madrid philosopher Ian Bounos presents his book “Philosophers Rehabilitation Center,” which consists of a set of stories written over more than ten years.
During his visit to the EL CHUBUT agency, Ian Bounos, commented that he has been living in Buenos Aires for some time and was writing stories that he will now present in the city because “I am very fond of Madryn.”
“The idea of ​​writing the book arose because I went to study philosophy in Buenos Aires 10 years ago and I wrote stories for different literary contests. Now what I did was gather them lately and enclose everything in a story and then put together the book, talk to an illustrator and everything that came together to publish it,” Bounos detailed.
In that sense, Bounos added that the book consists of stories as if they were written by patients rehabilitating their condition as a philosopher as if it were a satirical tone, “as if it were an ‘illness’.
On the other hand, asked if he would like to write a second book, Bounos explained that he would now like to write for theater, “I am very focused on that now and I would love to write for a play, like a script.”

Finally, the philosopher from Madrid thanked “the illustrator Gregorio, he did all the illustration and I am very happy with how it turned out. Then to Valentina, my cousin, who was a commentator on the texts since she was summarizing them; to my aunt who is in charge of Casa Sur and gave me the space; and to my parents who also supported.”
“I invite everyone who wants to come, they are more than invited to the presentation,” concluded Bounos.
It should be noted that the book can be purchased on the same day of the presentation or else it can be purchased at the Dystopian bookstore.

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