They report that Cazzu would be pregnant for the second time: is it from Nodal?

A new controversy comes to the entire love triangle that Christian Nodal, Cazzu and Ángela Aguilar have starred in in recent weeks. Apparently, the Argentine singer would be expecting her second child from the Mexican.

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This information was known through the Mexican journalist María Luisa Valdez, in the middle of the program Vivalavi of Multimedia. In the television space, everything that has happened after the separation of Cazzu and Nodal was being addressed, such as the Mexican artist announcing his new relationship with Aguilar.

In the middle of this discussion, the journalist launched the following phrase into the air: “Cazzu is said to be pregnant“. But he did not give more details about it

Are Cazzu and Nodal expecting their second child?

The journalist’s words quickly became an international trend, remembering that a few months ago, when Cazzu and Nodal were still together, they took a trip to Paris in which some reporters claimed to notice that the Argentine seemed to be pregnant again.

This was never confirmed and the couple later publicly separated. For now, Christian Nodal and Cazzu are only parents of Inti, their first-born, who was born in September 2023 and is currently nine months old..

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Is Christian Nodal expecting a child with Ángela Aguilar?

This has not been the only pregnancy rumor involving Christian Nodal in recent weeks. After he confirmed his love relationship with fellow singer Ángela Aguilar, it was assured that the Mexican could be expecting the singer’s child.

The controversy that arose over the relationship between the two Mexicans even opened the opportunity for rumors about an alleged secret wedding between the two. It was Ángela Aguilar who decided to speak publicly about the issue to make everything clear.

Singer denied her pregnancy and that she secretly married the artist. “Don’t marry me and don’t get me pregnant yet, please,” he asked the journalist.

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