TDT Global gets new clients in Europe and the US.

TDT Global gets new clients in Europe and the US.
TDT Global gets new clients in Europe and the US.

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Global DTTa company specialized in the development of tools for the Out Of Home (OOH) media industry, continues its global expansion and is already consolidated in Latin America, from now on it will have “a solid and growing presence in key markets in Europe and the USA with new clients and strategic partners, reflecting the constant rise of the OOH industry in the region.

As reported in a press release that we received this Tuesday, November 21, 2023, “among the large clients that make up its portfolio internationally, it is working for Worldcom OOH, Clear Channel, Global Public Roadwhich add to the big brands it works for in Latin America such as Amplify, Grupo de Haro, MediaArt, Government of the City of Buenos Aires, CAS -Contentenidos Advertising SA-«.

The company also notes that the outdoor advertising industry “has undergone a revolutionary transformation in recent years, adapting to the changing demands of an increasingly connected audience, and has not only evolved in terms of design and content, but has also adopted advanced segmentation and measurement technologies, allowing advertisers to reach specific audiences with precise messages.

In this sense, he states that “Big Data in outdoor advertising has allowed advertisers to collect data on the effectiveness of their ads”, which “includes metrics such as the number of impressions, audience interaction and traffic generated.” And he adds that “the ability to measure return on investment more accurately has attracted more advertisers to this form of advertising.”

Metrics, a transversal data service from TDT Global

The same statement also points out that TDT offers Metricsan exclusive transversal data service, created “to add value to products developed for the Media Advertising Industry and that through a layer of processed, approved and functional data enriches the Management, Media Planning and Reporting of Advertising Campaigns” .

And, in the same way, he explains that “among his most requested tools is POST, a comprehensive campaign management platform aimed at Media Owners“, which “allows advertisers access to online reports, improves the sales attractiveness of the inventory thanks to a data layer that is coupled automatically.”

Likewise, “it allows you to display the campaign planning on a map enriched with Points of Interest from more than 76 categories and has the ability to compare proposals in relation to the CPM and Impressions of each one.”

“In this direction, TDT Global, a specialist in the development of tools for the out-of-home media industry, proposing complete systematization in the management of its OOH advertising campaigns, has managed during 2023 not only to expand and strengthen its operations leading the Latin American market, but also landing in markets with a strong impact such as Europe and the USA. “Our innovative solutions are redefining the outdoor advertising landscape, maximizing operational efficiency and expanding the scope for substantial growth in the industry.”

Marco Fernández, Director of Global TDT

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