“The era of teleworking is over, it has been a mistake”

“The era of teleworking is over, it has been a mistake”
“The era of teleworking is over, it has been a mistake”

It is an absolutely topical topic: teleworking yes or no? This practice, increasingly common, has advantages and disadvantages for both professionals and the companies themselves. The experts, in fact, They cannot even agree on whether remote work reduces or improves the productivity rates of companies.

Furthermore, it is quite common for the most renowned businessmen themselves (especially those related to the world of technology), to get wet about it.

One of them has been possibly the most fashionable man in the technology sector: Sam Altman. The person in charge of ChatGPT has also given his opinion on the subject, and in a somewhat controversial way.

Sam Altman, the father of ChatGPT, and teleworking

“The era of teleworking is over”. In this very forceful way, as reported by the News Collective media, Sam Altman refers to remote work that has been so fashionable since after the pandemic. That is to say, his position on this issue seems quite clear: Teleworking does not benefit companies much, and considers that “it has been a mistake” to apply it.

The reason for this position seems to be related to something specific: communication. For Altman, the founder of OpenAI, technology today does not allow communication to be fluid enough for good ideas to be created from a distance. Or what is the same, that only the in-person treatment ends up being what is said to be completely fruitful.

This opinion, which Altman has been defending for some time (although not always, it may be wise to rectify it) also coincides with that of some of the most popular technology gurus in the world, such as Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg. It seems that the founders of tesla and Facebook, respectively, are not too happy with the idea of ​​teleworking either.

Bill Gates, for his part, has been much less emphatic. In addition to ensuring that four-day work days are going to be the future no matter what, the former head of Microsoft has also had words for teleworking, and has even provided proposals. Lack of communication from home? Well, use a second screen to talk to others.

Back to teleworking

Although every so often someone famous (mostly businessmen) comes out talking about the benefits or problems of teleworking, the truth is that it seems that the debate is far from coming to an end.

Scientific studies seem to agree that There is not enough evidence to ensure that remote work be better or worse than the usual one in the office.

So, for the moment, everyone seems to have their own criteria. And that may be precisely where the problem lies. It is true that generalizing is sometimes inevitable, but what if, when it comes to teleworking, more than ever, each case had to be seen independently? It cannot be ruled out that what works for some cases may not be completely valid for others.

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