Ramo said since when will it be sold there?

Ramo said since when will it be sold there?
Ramo said since when will it be sold there?

Chocoramo is one of the most iconic products in the entire country and that is why Ramo (the company who makes it) announced its arrival at D1 stores, some of the most visited in the national territory.

“We have news for you. Starting today we start selling Chocoramo in D1which will allow us to serve more consumers through this chain,” Serna detailed in a Linkedin publication.

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Likewise, the president of the company praised the work that has been done to reach this trade agreement with the aforementioned chain of stores.

“Definitely, we continue forward looking to be in more places so that our consumers can find us,” he added on that social network.

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Serna accompanied the publication with a photo in which you can see a huge amount of Chocoramo already located on the shelves of one of the stores D1.

It should be noted that this ‘hard discount’ chain has recently launched a important series of discounts in different products ranging from food to household items.

Brands and why they make alliances with different supermarkets

These alliances allow them to expand their customer base and reach new market segments. Brands can take advantage of the presence and distribution infrastructure of supermarkets to reach more consumers and increase your sales. On the other hand, supermarkets can offer a wider variety of products to their customers, allowing them to better meet consumer needs and preferences.

In addition, these alliances usually generate mutual benefits in terms of marketing and advertising. Brands can take advantage of visibility and reach of supermarkets to promote your products and increase your brand recognition.

For their part, supermarkets can benefit from the association with recognized brands and joint advertising, which can attract more customers to your stores.

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