Win Sports journalist is a victim of credit card fraud at TEMU

Frauds reported in TEMU
They report fraud in TEMU.

Win Sports journalist, Julián Céspedes, has alerted his followers and the general public about a fraud you recently suffered through the popular Chinese trading app TEMU.

Céspedes explained that, after making a purchase for an amount less than 100 thousand Colombian pesos in said application, He noticed an unauthorized transaction on his credit card for more than 7 million pesos in a tire warehouse in Mexico.

Incident details

The journalist, known for his sports coverage on Win Sports, shared his experience on social media to warn other users about the security risks associated with the TEMU application.

Céspedes explained that, Shortly after completing your purchase at TEMU, you detected a fraudulent transaction on your credit cardwhich he had not authorized.

This fraudulent purchase was made at a tire warehouse in Mexico, an expense that significantly exceeded the small purchase he had made at TEMU.

TEMU raises doubts

Céspedes called on his followers to exercise extreme caution when using online trading applications, especially those that are not widely known or based in other countries.

In addition, it urged users to regularly review their account statements and report any suspicious activity immediately to their bank or financial institution.

Frauds reported in TEMUFrauds reported in TEMU
They report fraud in TEMU.

Safety Tips for Online Shopping

To avoid being a victim of fraud like the one Julián Céspedes suffered, it is important to follow some security recommendations when making online purchases:

1. Use virtual cards: Some banks offer virtual credit cards that can be used for specific purchases, limiting the risk of fraud.

2. Check website security: Make sure the website has a security certificate (HTTPS) and read reviews from other users about their experiences.

3. Activate transaction alerts: Set up SMS or email alerts to receive notifications of each transaction made with the card.

4. Regularly monitor accounts: Review account statements frequently to identify and report any suspicious transactions immediately.

The incident reported by Julián Céspedes highlights the security risks in online transactions and the need to always be alert.

The growing popularity of international trading apps must be accompanied by greater caution on the part of consumers.

It is essential to adopt security measures and stay informed about best practices to protect personal financial information, regardless of whether the application is popular like TEMU.

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