The new thing from Airbus is the obsession of skater Tony Hawk

He skatemore than a sport, is a way of life that has transcended generations and borders since its origin on the streets of California in the 60s. In recent years it has undergone a significant evolution thanks, in part, to the fact that In 2020 he debuted at the Tokyo Olympics and also to technological advances. Within this context, trashboarda pioneer company in the manufacture of boards skate, has marked a before and after by introducing skateboards made with recycled carbon from Airbus airplanesoffering an experience of skate incomparable with different models designed for different styles and terrain.

The excitement of mastering balance and performing the first ollie is an unmatched sensation that is engaging. As the prestigious skater Tony Hawk: «Skateboarding is not just about moving on a board, it is about creativity and self-expression.» Well, the skaters can continue to redefine the limits of what is possible on a board thanks to pioneering companies like trashboard,

Trashboard has emerged in recent years as a leading company in the manufacture of boards skate ecological. Based in France, this company’s distinctive innovation lies in the use of recycled carbon from Airbus aircraft for the production of its boards.

(Photo: Arthur Fraisse)

The person in charge of Trashboard, François Jaubert, explains that to manufacture its skateboards it also reuses wood, composite materials and other energy waste without requiring excessive consumption of water or electricity.

Using recycled carbon not only reduces environmental impact by reusing materials that would otherwise end up as waste, but also significantly improves the performance of the tables. The properties of carbon offer a greater resistance and durabilityallowing the boards to be lighter and stronger than traditional ones.

(Photo: Trashboard)

The combination of lightness and resistance allows the skaters Perform more complex tricks with greater ease and precision. Furthermore, the advanced structure of the material offers faster response and greater flexibility, improving maneuverability and control.

10% carbon fiber from Airbus aircraft

The history of Trashboard dates back to 2017 when Francois Jaubert He made his first board from packaging cardboard with which he won an innovation contest in California. Such was the success that this and many other boards are now exhibited in different exhibitions in Europe.

(Photo: Arthur Fraisse)

The recent collaboration of Airbus with Trashboard is a sign of the airline’s commitment to sustainability and the search for new forms of mobility. These skateboards in particular They contain 75% recycled cardboard, 5% wood, 5% resins and 10% carbon fiber coming from airplanes. They are made by hand and are available in different sizes and finishes for a price of €159.

Each skater He has his own style and way of approaching tricks. Some focus on the skate street, using the urban environment as your personal park, while others prefer the skateparkperforming stunts on ramps and half-pipes. But they all have in common that they are always looking for the best board.

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