Xiaomi launches a new smart pet feeder

Xiaomi launches a new smart pet feeder
Xiaomi launches a new smart pet feeder

The words new product and smart are practically inseparable, and it is certainly rarer to see a brand product that does not have these types of functions than the opposite. Another good example is the second generation of a device that the brand has just launched, a pet feeder, which has unique functions in most devices of this type available on the market. Let’s know all the details of this new device that is about to be launched for sale in Spain.

Everything that the new Xiaomi Smart Pet Food Feeder 2 offers us

Nowadays, anyone who leaves a pet at home does not have to stop seeing how it is doing, thanks to surveillance cameras, which with a tight budget allow us to see what they are doing at all times. And it is not a problem to keep them fed, since there are smart feeders that also can create habits in the petwith which to maintain a healthy life with a diet adapted to your needs.

In this case the new Xiaomi Smart Pet Food Feeder 2 has appeared on Xiaomi’s global page, so it is evident that its launch is very close to being a reality, presumably also in Spain, where all those products that appear on this manufacturer’s website usually arrive. This new model is larger and has u5 liter capacityso we can store more food and therefore feed pets for longer without maintenance.

In fact, according to Xiaomi we can feed our cat for 30 days with all the food stored in this device. When weighing food, this new feeder is more precise than ever, since it can weigh with just 1 gram of error. This device has a triple seal that keeps food fresh and dry for as long as it could be stored. The food that can be dispensed may have a diameter of up to 12mmand the device also has a system that prevents obstructions or reverses them if they occur.

A very interesting aspect is that in addition to connecting to the power with a normal plug, can run on batteries for a couple of weeks, which can be a great alternative if we have the feeder outside in the garden, far from an outlet. By connecting to our smartphone, this feeder can supply the food that our pet needs based on its age and weight, in such a way that the best diet will always be guaranteed based on its characteristics.

There is not one missing led screen where we can see different relevant data, such as the level of food remaining, the quality of the wireless connection and different details, which on the other hand we can also consult from the phone itself. And although the price has not been revealed, it is expected that at launch it will range between approximately 80 and 100 euros.

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