What Fabián Gianola is working on after retiring from the world of theater – Paparazzi Magazine

What Fabián Gianola is working on after retiring from the world of theater – Paparazzi Magazine
What Fabián Gianola is working on after retiring from the world of theater – Paparazzi Magazine

In May 2023, Fabian Gianola was dismissed after being reported for sexual abuse by the actress Fernanda Meneses, one of the women with whom the actor worked and who denounced him since 2018, when one of them dared to break the silence.

Gianola obtained a ruling in his favor from the Justice and then Oral Court No. 3 suspended the oral trial against the artist that had been initiated by the announcer Viviana Aguirre, in exchange for paying him a sum of money and committing to carry out community work. and to take courses on gender violence.

As a result of the complaints that led to a logical cancellation and closing of the doors of theaters, canals and other spaces where for more than four decades he had moved like a fish in water, Fabián Gianola had to look for another way to support himself financially.

And in recent days, the TVR actor reappeared in Mañanísima (El Trece) where he told how he makes a living since he was forced to retire from show business.

“I still have job offers… But I haven’t been in this profession for several years, at least four or five,” he assured. And when Carmen Barbieri He wanted to know if this stoppage was due to fear of escraches or if the decision had to do with another personal issue, Gianola indicated that in this separation there was “a little and a little”.

Things arise, and they offered me a partnership, today I am a partner in a health venture and I am doing very well, the truth is, very well”said the actor, although he did not give more details about the project he is currently engaged in and that allows him to support himself financially.

At the same time, the former Los Benvenutto indicated that he had been found guilty “from minute zero.” “And Justice not only demonstrated innocence, it demonstrated extortion. And how is it compensated now? How do you cleanse a person’s image and honor?” he asked the driver.

What I experienced was very difficult, I was always at the disposal of Justice. I never left the country despite the accusations. My constitutional guarantees were violated“, he insisted and added: “The right of presumption of innocence, which says that every individual is innocent until proven otherwise, did not work with me.”

I was immediately left without a job, I was lynched in the media. “I was abused and raped in the media”Gianola advanced, before commenting that as a result of all that he had to ask for psychological help. “They referred me to a psychiatric hospital, I was on medication, antidepressants. Everything was false, harassment, threats. I cried a lot of anger and helplessness”, he insisted.

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