the harassment she suffered with her son, her financial problems and being accused of being ‘problematic’

The Netflix miniseries ‘The Asunta Case’, which premiered on April 26, is one of the topics of conversation of the moment. Its broadcast has once again brought to mind one of the most shocking and overwhelming cases in our country, the disappearance and death of the 12-year-old little girl named Asuntaadopted daughter of Rosario Porto and Alfonso Basterra, who later were accused as main suspects and sentenced to prison.

Those who play them in this series are Candela Peña and Tristán Ulloa respectively, who have received many compliments and good reviews for their interpretation in their respective roles, which have not placed them in any easy situations, both professionally and personally, as the actors themselves have pointed out.

Focusing on the Catalan actress, already known for many other notable roles, including those that earned her three Goya awardswe delve a little deeper into his life and take a look at some of the most difficult moments he has had to face in his career and personally.

Serious harassment towards your son

Candela Peña is one of the best-known actresses in our country, thanks to her outstanding roles in successful series and films, in multiple theatrical works and for her charisma and self-confidence on sets and studios. However, her life has not been all joys and one of the most distressing moments that she had to experience just two years ago was the cyberbullying that she and her 10-year-old son suffered throught social media.

Through up to 20 fake profiles, Candela and her first-born received harassing messages, including death threats to the little one. Faced with a situation like this, Gavá collected all the evidence of the harassment he was experiencing and reported it to the Police. “Your son is going to die soon” or «I shit on all your dead people, motherfucker. “Your son is an unfortunate person” are just some of the messages he received.

Finally the culprit, a 22-year-old girl, was arrested in Barcelona by the crimes of death threats and harassment over the Internet. Peña also publicly denounced on his social networks up to 40 pages of screenshots of the threats they received.

Bad economic streaks

Although Candela Peña now seems to be at the top professionally speaking, it has not always been that way. In fact, she herself has said it in several interviews. After participating in works such as ‘Faggot Lost’, ‘Hierro’, ‘Contracciones’ or being a collaborator in ‘La Resistencia’, the actress confessed that she had gone through moments in which The phone didn’t ring and financial problems surfacedeven confessing that they even cut off his electricity.

This is what she said in an interview on Marc Giró’s ‘Late the bad situation he had experienced: «I tell you that I used to work a lot for the love of art, but last year my power was cut off twice before Rosario Porto. One day, my friend Sonia made me bizum and another day Pilar came [Castro] and I couldn’t even make him a coffee,” he said clearly.

Another of the moments in which she denounced her jobless situation was when she won her second Goya, taking advantage of her speech to tell the less beautiful parts of the life of an artist: «I haven’t worked for three years. In these three years I have seen my father die in a public hospital where there were no blankets to cover him and we had to bring him water […] In these three years a child has been born from my womb and I don’t know what public education awaits him. In these three years I have seen people without jobs who kill themselves because they do not have homes. No one makes me bitter about this joy and I ask you for work. I have a child to feed», the Catalan alleged in 2013 before the entire public.

Labeled as problematic

In an intense career, not always marked by abundant work, one of the reasons that caused this was that part of the film industry assigned her a certain ‘fame’ as a problematic actress, something she explained in an interview with ‘El Mundo’: «Behind that fame and those phrases there is always a man to whom you have said no to something», he began counting.

«I don’t accept if I don’t read the scripts first, I don’t do that scene if I’m not given guarantees or explanations… And that type of man, I don’t care if he’s heterosexual or homosexual, doesn’t accept a woman’s no and “it gives you the label that you cause problems,” clarified the Catalan actress, winner of three Goya awards and now praised for her role in ‘The Asunta Case’.

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