Kevin Spacey ranted against a documentary that chronicles his sexual abuse allegations

Kevin Spacey ranted against a documentary that chronicles his sexual abuse allegations
Kevin Spacey ranted against a documentary that chronicles his sexual abuse allegations

Kevin Spacey will release two films in 2023

Kevin Spacey has expressed his rejection of the documentary produced by Channel 4, titled “Spacey Unmasked”, which is presented as a detailed analysis of his career and the allegations of sexual misconduct against him. This documentary is scheduled to be released in the UK on May 6 and 7. Spacey, in a series of posts on X, formerly known as Twitter, criticized the network for what he sees as attacks whose sole purpose is to boost its ratings.

I will not stand idly by the attack of a dying chain with a one-sided ‘documentary’ about me in his desperate attempt to get an audience,” reads one of Spacey’s posts.

Kevin Spacey claimed in his X account that Channel 4 did not give him enough time to prove that the arguments presented in the documentary were false (Credits: X/Kevin Spacey)

The actor argued that Channel 4 is not the appropriate outlet to address the allegations against him and claimed to have been exonerated each time he has been given a proper opportunity to defend himself. He further alleged that Channel 4 offered him little time to respond to the allegations raised in the documentary before its premiere. Spacey detailed that he has repeatedly requested more than seven days to respond to accusations dating back up to 48 years, a request that was denied by the network.

“Channel 4 has refused on the basis that they believe that asking for a response within 7 days to new, anonymous and non-specific allegations is a ‘fair opportunity’ for me to refute any accusations made against me,” Spacey insisted on X.

The documentary “Spacey Unmasked,” directed and produced by Katherine Haywood, with Dorothy Byrne and Mike Lerner serving as executive producers, is produced by Roast Beef Productions in association with All3 Media International. After its broadcast in the United Kingdom, the documentary plans to be released in the United States and other territories, following an agreement with Warner Bros. Discovery.

Spacey assured that his response has not ended here, promising a text that will “surprise” Channel 4 itself REUTERS/Peter Cziborra

This documentary comes after Spacey faced nine criminal charges in the UK from four men, ranging from unwanted touching to more serious accusations. The reported events occurred between 2001 and 2013, a period during which Spacey was artistic director of the Old Vic Theater in London, from 2004 to 2015.

Spacey announced that he will give a more complete response to the British documentary this weekend through his X page, hinting that his reaction could leave Channel 4 and Roast Beef TV speechless.

Although Kevin has shown his innocence in the trials he has gone through, the scandal of his complaints still haunts him.

Last February, Spacey reached an agreement with Media Rights Capital (MRC), the series’ production house. House of Cards. This after being fired last season due to allegations of sexual abuse of which he was later exonerated.. Spacey agreed to compensate the studio with $1 million in payments spread over several years. This sum is significantly less than the $31 million that MRC had initially demanded to mitigate the costs associated with the hasty restructuring of the series.

Despite being cleared of sexual abuse allegations, Spacey will have to pay House Of Cards producers for having to rewrite the story at the last minute due to his departure.

The resolution of this dispute implies that Spacey will allocate 10% of his net income to pay this debt and will cooperate with MRC in its effort to recover lost funds through a lawsuit against its insurance company. At the start of 2022, MRC had sued insurers Fireman’s Fund and Lloyd’s of London, arguing that the policies should cover losses caused by Spacey’s departure under exceptional circumstances, including illness.

However, after the accusations against Spacey, he entered a rehabilitation center for sex addiction, a disorder that MRC suggested should be covered by insurers.

Judge Mark Epstein, however, rejected MRC’s claims in both April and November 2023, noting that the policies were not designed to cover the type of risk Spacey’s case represented. Epstein argued that the parties had not contemplated that type of coverage when signing the policies and that MRC had not provided convincing details of how Spacey’s condition forced him to leave the program.

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