MET Gala 2024: who is Mona Patel and why did her mechanical dress go viral?

MET Gala 2024: who is Mona Patel and why did her mechanical dress go viral?
MET Gala 2024: who is Mona Patel and why did her mechanical dress go viral?

The Indian businesswoman surprised on social networks with the striking mechanism of her dress, which celebrates her cultural identity.

It just debuted in the Met Gala 2024and is already considered by many social media users to be the best dressed at the event. Mona Patel, a businesswoman and philanthropist originally from India, went unnoticed among the A-list celebrities who attended the event during the first few hours, but currently. Her name is one of the most sought after thanks to the impact she generated with the magical effect of her dress.

“The Mysterious Woman,” as she was initially nicknamed, wore a nature-inspired outfit that captured the essence of the event’s theme. The garden of time. Her tight dress with transparencies in white and pink tones touched the floor with a wavy train, and included gold decorations on her arms in the shape of butterflies, which, thanks to special engineering, could move autonomously, giving the illusion of being alive.

Mona Patel and the most praised dress of the MET Gala 2024. (Credit: REUTERS/Andrew Kelly)

The costumes are a creation of the renowned Dutch designer Iris Van Herpen in collaboration with the stylist Law Roachfamous in the industry for her work behind Zendaya’s most iconic looks. “I wanted my debut look to be something that celebrated my heritage and also combined my love of high fashion.“Patel said in an interview with Vogue.

The mechanics’ feat was achieved with the help of kinetic movement artist Casey Curran, who spent months creating this piece. On her side, Van Herpen, known for her almost alien aesthetic, has frequently collaborated with Indian embroidery houses, so these details were not lacking in the viral outfit.

The “living butterflies” on Mona Patel’s dress caused a sensation on social media. (Credits: Instagram/@hautemona)

To complement, Patel chose gold-colored open-toed heels, with dazzling diamond-imitating decorations on the top. He also opted for elegant makeup that included mascara on his eyelashes and eye shadow in shimmering bronze tones.

“This is the most beautiful dress I have ever seen,” wrote an Instagram user in Patel’s video, which showed the process of how she prepared for the red carpet. “Not only is it on topic, but it really might be the most incredible work ever created,” gushed another.

Mona Patel is the founder of Couture For Cause, a non-profit organization made up of fashion personalities who seek to make a positive impact on society. (Credits: Instagram/ @hautemona)

In accordance with The New York Timesthe custom pieces created by designer Van Herpen range in price from USD 20,000 to USD 100,000 or more, and can take up to two years to create.

The theme imposed by Anna Wintour was officially titled Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion, and aimed to recreate the beauty and fragility of nature. Among the favorites of the event was Zendaya, the actress of Euphoria which made a reference to the iconic Christian Dior Galiano Spring Season dress from 1999. Later, she wore a second look, this time totally black and with a flowery headdress.

Zendaya was one of the most celebrated online for the first outfit she chose for the Met Gala 2024. (Credit: REUTERS/Andrew Kelly)

On the other hand, the model Kendall Jenner She dazzled the public not only by wearing an Alexander McQueen suit, but also because this outfit belongs to a special Givenchy Couture collection from 1999, making her the first person to wear it.

Kendall Jenner in her performance of “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion.” (Credits: Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)

King’s wool worked with designer Seán McGirr, who gave new life to an Alexander McQueen design from his fall 2006 collection. The dress featured a silk, georgette and tulle bodice, meticulously embellished with hand-embroidered branches and bells. bronze, inspired by the sculptures of Alberto Giacometti. As a final touch, McGirr designed a headpiece using real branches, complemented by a fine tulle veil.

Lana Del Rey surprised with an outfit by Seán McGirr, current creative director of Alexander McQueen. (Credits: REUTERS/Andrew Kelly)

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