“Pray for me”, the singer’s last words

“Pray for me”, the singer’s last words
“Pray for me”, the singer’s last words

(Wednesday, May 22, 2024). Giving all his talent on stage, loyal to his followers, active in sports and loving his family. This is how he showed himself until his last days Omar Geles, the vallenato musician who died on May 21 suddenly in Valledupar.

The singer, composer and accordionist He died at the age of 57 at the Erasmus Clinic.where he was transferred after suffering a syncope while playing tennis on the court of the Valledupar Country Clubaround 6:00 pm on Tuesday.

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Precisely, it was known what would be the last video where the artist appears alivea recording that would have been made just before Geles started the match in which he suffered the incident that would cause his death.

«A hug for my followers. I invite everyone to play sports and pray for me,” says the musician already on the court where he would play a game in a tournament in which he was competing.

«I am going to participate in this tournament here at the Country Club. My game starts in 10 minutes«, the singer can be heard commenting in the video that is spread on social networks and that is attributed to that last game that Geles would be able to play.

“Wait for me”: the last publication of Omar Geles, a promise that he could not keep

Music accompanied this legend of vallenato until the end. This is evident not only in the prolific and active career of artist born in Valledupar, Cesar: His social networks are proof that with his voice and accordion he always wanted to deliver his best on stage.

His last post on Instagramfor example, is an invitation to a presentation that was scheduled for June 28 in Tampa, Florida.

Taken from Instagram: @omargeles.

The invitation to that meeting with his followers no longer appears on his social networks, but it is known that The show was part of a series of concerts that the singer had been doing in the United States.being its most recent presentation on April 28, in San José, California.

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“I adore you, my black man”: Silvestre Dangond in the last presentation of Omar Geles

Without knowing it, Omar Geles made his last appearance on stage last Saturday, May 18when he shared the stage with Silvestre Dangond in the most recent concert that the latter offered in Bogotá.

«Half my career is in your hands. “I adore you, my black man, I love you”Silvestre told him in that presentation, where he recalled that many of his hits are compositions by Omar Geles.

In turn, the singer and composer of ‘The Paths of Life’ He improvised a dedication to recognize the career of his colleague and friend.

“This is what Omar Geles says, because I am right, one day God gave us Diomedes and today Silvestre Dangond,” the artist sang before a crowd that cheered him at the El Campín stadium.

In the Instagram post that shows this emotional moment, Omar Geles recognized a son in Silvestre Dangondof whom he expressed being proud of the success he has achieved in his musical career, a victory he has achieved with his compositions such as ‘I like it, I like it’, ‘A black and white’, ‘My love for her’ and ‘Thank you’.

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