#VivaElAmor with Andrés Simon and Ailin Tokman: “We are completely monogamous”

#VivaElAmor with Andrés Simon and Ailin Tokman: “We are completely monogamous”
#VivaElAmor with Andrés Simon and Ailin Tokman: “We are completely monogamous”

Long Live Love – Ailin and Simón

In this new edition of #VivaElAmorhand in hand with Infobae where famous couples seek to know the most important moments they lived together, what was the path that led them to choose each other, show their differences, but also play and have fun in public and, in addition, publicly enjoy participating in a series of questions that arise, among them. Today Andres Simon and Ailin Tokman.

The cooking influencers have now been together for more than three years and on social media between the two of them they have more than ten million followers on Instagram alone and another few million on Tiktok. The user of it is known as “Simon’s Recipes” and she and her nickname conquer Internet users with easy, economical cooking recipes and preparing dishes with the food they have.

They met doing the same thing, became dating and now rented an apartment together. Wanting to talk about this new facet in their lives and what they like most and what they don’t about each other, the influencers came to the studio. Infobae with a lot of good vibes and complicity.

Simón and Ailin #VivaElAmor (Photos: Adrián Escandar)

On this occasion, the interview began with one of the most romantic questions of the segment which invites the interviewees to look into each other’s eyes and consult. “When did you realize that you are the love of your life?”, each other, respectively. “I always felt it but I think the day I got the click was when I went to do the casting and I didn’t turn out and I was going to cancel an outing for you but you told me to go just as you were going to cheer me up and I was there I realized that it was here. I knew it on the first outing,” Andrés answered, to which Ailu seemed happy and surprised. “Tremendous, almost at first glance.”

“And let’s see yours?” he asked her about the same topic, to which the influencer responded. “I think it was something progressive but also the first time we met it was virtually, the first day we spoke I felt very identified with you, but as time went by I liked everything about you. When I didn’t see you I missed you. I realized that we were both the same, it was emerging but I always knew it in my head.”

In turn, in the interview the influencers revealed that they met because he invited her to make a collaborative video together with both profiles. “You were the first one to answer me in a good way, I had sent five people to you and you immediately said yes. Today we agree that it was destiny,” said Simon. “Yes, after that I remember that we talked every day, we were closer friends but we never separated again,” she added.

Simón and Ailin #VivaElAmor (Photos: Adrián Escandar)

“What bothers you the most about me?” he asked. influencer to its bride who cut short: “Well, I could say small things.” He maintained and continued: “I always give the same example, it’s stupid but when we finish recording we always have to organize and clean everything. There we are well organized, I wash and you tidy and clean, but the problem is that you don’t wring out the cloth and when I grab it to clean something else it’s all full of dirty water.”

Meanwhile, he defended himself: “Well, but I already improved that,” he acknowledged and revealed that it is what bothers him the most about Ailu. “I’m going to say that you are very hard-headed, you have an idea in your head and changing it is impossible.” “All our discussions are like that, we talk a little but they always end the same way in that we don’t talk anymore because we are not going to reach an agreement.” “Yes, that’s true,” she concluded. Despite this query, the influencers They continued with good vibes, laughing and revealing how much they love each other.

¿Who fell in love first? Both. I said both, that’s how they agreed. It was from the first day we saw each other. In October we left. That? What did I say, here. Since that day, the truth is that we already saw each other every day that week and that’s when it started in full force, the couple shares the same look.

¿Who would forgive infidelity?? No one pointed, they both said. And I believe, I believe that it is something that no, no, is not going to happen. We are very monogamous and we consider that this is not going to happen to us. I mean, not me, I don’t feel the need to be with another person. I am super happy with Ailu and I consider that he is mutual, on both sides. In the event that it happens one day it is a matter of the moment, that is, I believe that it will never happen, but if something happens at some point it will be seen in the moment, stated the cook. I believe that since it is not a resounding no on both sides, you cannot say what you think, at least I say this is, it is not a resounding no nor a resounding yes on both sides. One thing that I believe would not happen in any way if.

While she expressed: I, well, I was going to say, you took the words out of me, I was not going to say that no one would forgive infidelity, but because we feel so much that it will never happen, it’s like It doesn’t even enter my head to forgive infidelity.. Of course, there is not even an unformed if because the idea was never even thought of. Of course, just as I am not interested in being with another person, I am very happy with him and I plan my future life with him forever. So I don’t have any need to think about anything else. And I know that the same is true on his side, so I estimate that no one would forgive because it wouldn’t happen.

¿Who would open the couple first??

None, none? They coincide again. Ailin take the floor… No, what happens is that, let’s see, today I have many conflicting thoughts with open relationships. I really respect the people who do it. Obviously I wouldn’t do it, but I understand and respect the other side. At least I don’t have open relationships, the, how do you say the word? I idealize. I don’t relate relationships much to anything that has to do with sexuality. Let’s say being able to be with other people. Let’s say you choose your partner to be with forever, but sexually you want to be with other people. That’s what I think in my head and I literally don’t have the need to be with other people because what do I know, I’ve been with other people and the truth is that it doesn’t suit me or come to me. “Like he knows me a lot and we are fine between us, what do I know.” I wouldn’t open the pair, but I really respect the people who do it. Obviously not?

Simón clarifies: “I consider the same, that is, absolute respect. I understand that there are a lot of people who do it, who has a more open mind. It’s not that we’re closed off or anything, but it’s the fact that I don’t see it. I also relate it, there we are wrong, but I relate it more to the sexual. And it’s like the fact that I am, we are also incredible as a couple, in all aspects and it’s like I don’t need to be with other people.”

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