Romulus will make us feel in the 80s thanks to its practical effects

Romulus will make us feel in the 80s thanks to its practical effects
Romulus will make us feel in the 80s thanks to its practical effects

Fede Álvarez, the director of Alien: Romulushas opted for practical effects in the new installment of the xenomorph saga, limiting the use of CGI in its production.

The xenomorph we first saw in Alien: the eighth passenger (1979) Ridley Scottwill return to the big screen this year with the help of Uruguayan filmmaker Fede Álvarez in Alien: Romulus.

Fede Álvarez, also director of horror films such as Infernal possession (Evil Dead) (2013) or Do not breathe (2016), wanted to bet on practical effects in his new feature film, a rising trend in the audiovisual industry after it took a back seat with the rise of digital effects.

More and more feature films boast of using a Less invasive CGIand even replacing scenes that could have been solved with special effects using models or real figures.

Fede Alvarez has followed the same path to Alien: Romulus under this motto: “If it can be made practical, it will be made practical.”. With this, not only has it made the final result closer to our memory of the first films of Alienhas also made the finish more believable.

Alien: Romulus boasts practical effects instead of digital ones

For the filming of Alien: Romulus The use of CGI was so limited that green screens were not introduced on the sets, and shots of spaceships were made from hand-made miniatures that were then scanned and integrated into the film.

What’s more, Fede Álvarez even introduced animation in stop motion in his new film, as well as animatronics and even people dressed in the costume of the al xenomorph. In this way, by uniting several classic practical effects techniques, it has been possible to build a new, quite nostalgic installment.

Alien: Romulusdirected by Fede Álvarez and with Cailee Spaeny, Rain Carradine, David Jonsson, Isabela Merced, Archie Renaux, Spike Fearn, and Aileen Wu leading the cast, will be released in theaters next Thursday August 15th.

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