the peculiar reason why he cancels three concerts in Spain

Bad luck follows Isabel Pantoja. While preparing her concert in Zaragoza on May 25, the program ‘Vamos a ver’ has revealed bad news for the tonadillera: Three of his concerts in Spain are cancelled. Isabel Pantoja already had to change the date of her concert in Tenerife due to health problems from which she has already been discharged and is preparing to return to the stage but she will not do so in all of the ones she had planned. In ‘Let’s see’ Antonio Rossi has read the statement from the companies promoting three of the singer’s concerts announcing their cancellation due to disagreements between the two when carrying them out. The cancellation affects three towns in Andalusia: Córdoba; Nerja in Malaga; Sotogrande in Cádiz.

Isabel Pantoja’s concerts in Córdoba, Nerja and Sotogrande are canceled

“Dear followers. We deeply regret having to inform you that, due to disagreements between the companies promoting Isabel Pantoja’s ’50th Anniversary’ tour, the planned concerts will not be possible. in the following locations: Cuevas de Nerja scheduled for July 13, 2024; Sotogrande scheduled for July 20, 2024 and Córdoba scheduled for June 14, 2024″ can be read in the statement they have shown in ‘Let’s see’.


Antonio Rossi has made it clear in ‘Let’s see’ that, on this occasion, Isabel Pantojawho was not at the Communion of his grandson Albertito, It has nothing to do with the cancellation of these three concerts. “It has been due to disagreements between the development companies of Córdoba, Sotogrande and Nerja… I have known this since April because there were negotiations, they had become bitter, loud words and things that have not been done well and everything has been cancelled. The one in Nerja has never It was not announced or publicized and she was never going to go,” said the collaborator and, according to what he himself said a few days ago, the tonadillera refuses to sing in Malaga because it is a land that brings back bad memories, something that has outraged Carmen. Sheep. Antonio Rossi has revealed that the singer will sing in Córdoba and Cádiz and that she will do so with other promotional companies.


Isabel Pantoja adds five new cities to her tour of Spain

Despite this setback and the cancellation of three concerts by Isabel Pantoja, her 2024 tour, which has already successfully passed through Madrid with dancing for Tik Tok included, is going from strength to strength and Five more cities will soon be announced where you can enjoy, live, the great hits of the tonadillera. The singer is expected to be singing in different places in Spain until the end of 2024.

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