Jorge Javier Vázquez, very emotional, talks about the meaning of Mila Ximénez’s death

Jorge Javier Vázquez, very emotional, talks about the meaning of Mila Ximénez’s death
Jorge Javier Vázquez, very emotional, talks about the meaning of Mila Ximénez’s death

The night in ‘Friday!’ It has started with the main course. Jorge Javier Vázquez (53 years old) has opened up about different facets of his life, even talking about love. But there was a moment in his interview when he did not want to waste the opportunity to make a emotional memory of Mila Ximénezwhere he explained what the death of his partner meant to him and how much it changed his way of facing life.

Before that, the presenter flaunted his characteristic good humor. Always faithful to providing content and without cutting a single hair, she has affectionately called the two presenters of the program, Bea Archidona and Santi Acosta, ‘squatters’. At that moment he wanted to give a nod to his almost fourteen years of occupying the weekend nights with the now defunct ‘Deluxe’ that gave them so much joy.

Jorge Javier Vázquez remembers Mila Ximénez

At one point in the interview, the program showed him a video where different colleagues talk about what his way of doing television has meant. The one from Badalona has shown himself totally grateful but at that moment he wanted to interrupt to make a memory of his deceased companionsince he has also been an important person in the program that led the Telecinco afternoons.

“I have to make a memory. I see Mila and I have to do it. It seems to me that we have to remember the people who have left and who have been fundamental in our lives,” he began, completely excited. “One of the first times I saw her was at the presentation of a book,” he recalled along with collaborator Ángela Portero who was also present at that time.

Jorge Javier Vázquez talks about the meaning of the death of Mila Ximénez

“When Mila died my life broke”, he stated forcefully. “For me the point disappeared… with his death I suddenly became older,” he commented about that turning point. “Until then, her life with her was fun, it was a party, like feeling young all the time. She had a spirit, always willing to do anything, very vital,” she explains about that special character that the journalist had.

However, he has spoken about the meaning it had for him to lose a great friend, just when three years are about to pass since his sad loss. “When he died I suddenly became older and as if the playful aspect of life disappeared,” he explained. In this way, he wanted to remember her with this way of seeing the life she had and all the implication that this loss of hers has had on her daily life.

However, he has recounted a conversation with his mother about this loss and that of his father. “I was with my mother at home and she told me ‘you have lost your father and Mila to know how you can get out of that sadness’”, he said about this concern of her mother. “After two years I’m starting to recover of what his departure meant to me,” he concluded about his partner’s absence.

The memory of Jorge Javier Vázquez to Mila Ximénez

When the journalist’s death occurred, it left the world of television completely devastated. There were many who wanted to dedicate a few words to him through their social networks or in the different television interventions they were having. But his companions were, without a doubt, those who they suffered the loss the most who had to face a successful program without one of its great pillars who always rowed in favor of the work.

However, the Catalan wanted to dedicate some precious words to her on the Lecturas magazine blog after a few days of the loss of Mila. “You are funny without knowing it, which is the most hilarious way to be a humor festival. With you I have spent unique moments. Unrepeatable. We have gone through all the emotional states that human beings can feel: joy, sorrow, euphoria, melancholy… And so on to infinity,” he wrote.

“It has been your birthday, Mila, and I just want to tell you that there are many of us who are by your side. I know the road is being complicated. Look, I’m not much of a kisser. Well, I want to give you a kiss and hug you. And to ask you to continue. Because we need your smile and your outbursts of bad temper for inconsequential reasons,” he added about this special date in which he wanted to have a few words for Ximénez.

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