Damián Betular left Olga: the important reasons

Damián Betular left Olga: the important reasons
Damián Betular left Olga: the important reasons

Written in SHOWS he 5/24/2024 · 9:00 p.m.

Damián Betular He managed to win the affection of the public on MasterChef and, since then, he has been one of the figures of the show most loved by the public. And her incorporation into Would be Incredible, OLGA’s streaming program, made her gain many more fans.

Together with Nati Jota, Eial Moldavsky and Homero Pettinato, the pastry chef is live every morning. Then, he joined the team of Elizabeth “La Negra” Vernaci who hosts Generación Dorada with Humberto Tortonese once a week on OLGA.

However, this week Damián Betular announced his resignation from said program. With some emotional words, he said goodbye to the cycle that he shared with his friends. True to his style, the pastry chef read live a letter where he told the reasons for his resignation.

“Dear Negra and dear Humberto: from the first day in Generación Dorada, I knew that this adventure would be unforgettable. Negra, Negrita, my love, your unmistakable voice and your acid humor that makes me laugh even on the grayest days, have been the special seasoning for each day,” he began in his open letter.

Then, he added: “Humerto, Humbertito, your wit and that irreverent touch always make each program a box of surprises. They have made me feel at home or like in a shelter. I leave you with the peace of mind that Generación Dorada is in good hands. And don’t worry, I’m not going very far, eh. Not far at all.

“Who knows? Maybe one of these days I’ll show up, dressed up as some strange character, just to remind them that they can’t get rid of me that easily. “Thank you for everything, friends, but I know that this is not goodbye, but ‘see you soon,'” he added. Damián Betularwith a suspicious and funny tone.

From OLGA’s official Instagram account they shared the video of their farewell and assured: “See you soon, Betu. We are waiting for you in spring.” Her absence is probably due to the beginning of the recordings of Bake Off Famosos on Telefe.

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