They reveal in Socios who Tini Stoessel’s new and very cool boyfriend is

They reveal in Socios who Tini Stoessel’s new and very cool boyfriend is
They reveal in Socios who Tini Stoessel’s new and very cool boyfriend is

Then he specified: “They worked a lot together. Not only did he get up on stage to sing with her, but he was behind the musical arrangements and recordings of her.” On the other hand, Varela revealed that on April 6 they saw Tini and Maxi together on a yacht sailing through the waters of Miami, United States: “He was very pleased with her, loving her. “Their friends made rounds.”


Tini Stoessel and Maxi Espíndola.

Others present were Agustín Bernasconi, the other member of MYA and manager of Tini and Lelé Pons. “They saw them hugging, holding hands. In Mexico they were also recently seen together,” Paula Varela closed about Tini Stoessel and Maxi Espíndola.

What will the series that Tini Stoessel is going to star in Mexico be like?

Tini Stoessel He presented his album “Un mechón de pelo” and performed a series of shows in Buenos Aires, where he announced that he will temporarily retire from music to carry out another professional project: he will return to acting. In the last hours, Laura Ubfal He said that the actress will participate in a series in Mexico and will share a cast with two great actors.

Yanina Latorre had already announced that the artist would leave the stage to focus on other projects. “This year Tini doesn’t sing anymore. “She finishes these two weeks of shows and goes to Mexico to record a series,” the panelist explained about the decision she made in her professional career, while she distances herself from music and the stage.

In addition, he revealed that he will be working on a new album. “Next year he releases a new album. He begins the 2025 tour with River, with all the stadiums and a world tour. And she is going to be the same Tini as always, with her hits and her new album. “This was a moment in her life where she needed to stop,” the little angel added.

Laura Ubfal gave details of the series in which Tini Stoessel will be the protagonist and confirmed that the singer had already traveled to Miami, but that, in the coming days, she will arrive in Mexico. “Tini will be recording a short fiction, with six chapters in her first season,” the journalist announced and revealed that she will share the lead role with another Argentine actor.

“He will accompany Tini in the leading role Toto Ferro, who made his film debut directed by Luis Ortega in ‘El Ángel’, playing Robledo Puch. Ferro is currently in Cannes presenting the movie ‘Simon on the Mountain’ during the International Festival and from there he would travel to Mexico to start recording,” the panelist added about the young man.

In addition, Guillermo Barrios confirmed the name of the fiction that Tini will record, where a renowned actor will play his father in the production. “Tini Stoessel’s new fiction, which would begin filming in Mexico at the beginning of June with Rafa Ferro in the role of the protagonist’s father, would be called Lost Girl,” she said on her X account.

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