The real reason why Leonor has not accompanied Kings Felipe and Letizia on Armed Forces Day

The real reason why Leonor has not accompanied Kings Felipe and Letizia on Armed Forces Day
The real reason why Leonor has not accompanied Kings Felipe and Letizia on Armed Forces Day

This Saturday, King Felipe and Letizia experienced a day of great emotions. The couple, who just a few days ago celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary, have presided over Armed Forces Day for another year and they have done so in a very special place for both of them: Oviedo. The Queen has returned to her land and has done so excited, as has the King whose connection with Asturias is very close. She has not accompanied them with her eldest daughter, the Princess of Asturias, even though for many her presence today was more than justified.

A few days ago, Princess Leonor was experiencing a very important day when she received the highest distinctions from Aragon as she was about to conclude the first year of her military training. Although it was later confirmed that she would not be present at the events on May 25 in Oviedo, it was expected that the heiress would accompany her parents in the parade and that is because The Princess has not missed other military events since he swore the flag and celebrated his coming of age. Finally, she has not been on the stand with her parents. During the RTVE broadcast, a Casa Real spokesperson revealed the reason for Leonor’s absence at the event.

The commentator has confirmed that the Princess of Asturias has not been present on this Armed Forces Day 2024 due to her training commitments. There was a small hope that the Princess would appear today to accompany her parents but, as they have stated, “is doing maneuvers from today in the Campo de San Gregorio”.

The Princess of Asturias continues with this final stretch of her first course of her military training and, together with the rest of the cadets, has embarked on the last period of instruction and maneuvers, which They will be extended until next June 7. Without any type of distinction, the heir to the throne and future head of state has joined her colleagues from minute one even though she had to miss this truly special and important day alongside her parents.

Furthermore, beyond sentimentality and emotion, with this absence the Princess has broken her family’s tradition. 38 years ago the then Prince of Asturias paraded on this day before his parents, while he was immersed in his military training, and for this reason his daughter was expected to continue this tradition. However, this has not been the case: Leonor has broken tradition and there was the possibility that she could participate in these acts, and if she did not do so as a protagonist she would do so as a soldier. Neither one thing nor the other. Princess Leonor has joined her companions to complete all of her maneuvers and thus begin these last five weeks of her first military course.

There is less than a month left until Leonor finishes her course, which will officially conclude on June 19. It is curious that that same day marks the ten years since the proclamation of Felipe and Letizia as Kings of Spain and that they will celebrate it with this closing ceremony for their eldest daughter. After this emotional day, the Princess will conclude her 11 months of first military training course in ‘La General’, she will say goodbye to Zaragoza and will be named student ensign. Then, she will enjoy a month of vacation before starting her second course at the Marín Naval Military School, this time in Pontevedra.

Princess Leonor will officially begin her summer vacation on July 3 and will be able to meet again with his sister Sofía after many months apart. Although both will have to fulfill some acts, they will enjoy the maximum time together and of course as a family with their parents before starting their respective courses again and continuing with their training. This time with Leonor in Galicia and with Sofía in Wales.

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