What does the lawsuit by Mario Bezares, Paola Durante and Jorge García say against the Prime Video series?

What does the lawsuit by Mario Bezares, Paola Durante and Jorge García say against the Prime Video series?
What does the lawsuit by Mario Bezares, Paola Durante and Jorge García say against the Prime Video series?

The long-awaited series has premiered on Prime Video “Who killed him?”, inspired by the murder of the popular television host Paco Stanley. This production aims to explore Stanley’s outcome through the versions of the main people involved in the case: Mario Bezares, Brenda Bezares, Paola Durante, Jorge Gil and Benito Castro. However, several of them have expressed their disagreement and have initiated legal action against Amazon Prime.

“Who killed him?” presents a narrative that analyzes the before and after of the murder of Paco Stanley, an event that left all of Mexico in shock. Stanley was shot on June 7, 1999, just after leaving a famous restaurant after having breakfast in the company of Jorge Gil and Mario Bezares. Through six points of view, the series promises to offer a deep and detailed look at this media case.

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Despite the expectation generated by the series, Mario Bezares, Brenda Bezares, Paola Durante, Jorge García Escandón and Erasmo Pérez Garnica, known as “El Cholo”, have expressed their discontent and have undertaken a legal battle against Amazon Prime for the release of the series without his authorization.

These individuals, who were involved in the case in various ways, consider that the series could defame them by presenting versions of events that do not correspond to reality and that fuel speculation about their participation in the murder.

Lawsuit of Mario and Brenda Bezares

The Bezares couple has initiated a legal process with the help of the Ezeta Pasquel law firm. According to a statement issued by the Bezares, the representation of their characters in the series does not correspond to the historical version of events and violates their private lives. They argue that the situations presented are completely false and have no real basis, which violates their right to privacy.

“So, in addition to being completely false situations, devised by its writers, and without any real basis, they violate the right of the Bezares to private life,” the statement reads.

The couple maintains that the use of their image without authorization could cause confusion in public opinion and damage their reputation. In addition, they assure that neither Amazon Prime nor the production company have their authorization to refer to them. Although they requested to stop the launch of the series, their request was not heeded.

Lawsuit by Paola Durante, “El Cholo” and Jorge García

Paola Durante, Erasmo Pérez Garnica and Jorge García Escandón have joined forces with the Roberto Flores & Asociados firm to defend their rights before the premiere of “Who Killed Him?” In their statement, they explain that their intention is to protect their image against the possibility of being defamed and falsely stereotyped.

“There is no support to prove the veracity of the presumed statements, that is, there are no documents or data that evidence the use of prohibited substances, guilt or participation, directly or indirectly, of my parents in the responsibilities that were intended to be established. against my clients,” the statement states.

The main objective of this lawsuit is to obtain a resolution that not only repairs the damage caused, but also prevents similar situations from occurring in the future, signaling a clear warning of digital and media violence.

So far, it has not been reported at what stage the legal proceedings initiated by Mario and Brenda Bezares, Paola Durante, “El Cholo” and Jorge García Escandón are against Amazon Prime and the production of the series. The series is still available on Prime Video, generating both interest and controversy among the public and those involved.

The premiere of “Who Killed Him?” on Prime Video has not only revived interest in the Paco Stanley case, but has also generated an intense debate about the limits of media representation and the rights of the people involved in real facts.

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