The Ryan Gosling film that is going to make Universal lose millions of dollars

The summer season has not started in exactly a favorable way for the international box office. Furiosa: From the Mad Max saga the phenomenon of criticism and public of Mad Max: Fury Roadhaving invested Warner in it near 160 million dollars for what he hoped would be an unmitigated success. It hasn’t been. Furious has disappointed: takes 146 million dollars globally with barely 60 million in the US, and he has a difficult time covering his investment while he has no choice but to wait for Inside out 2 straighten out the finances a little once this one is released 19th of June.

Before Furious Hollywood suffered another great disappointment, through The specialist. This action-romance comedy united two stars who had previously caused a lot of talk among the public: Ryan Gosling had been nominated for Oscar by Barbiealready Emily Blunt The same thing had happened to him with Oppenheimer. A romance between the two like the one I was talking about The specialist It should have connected with the audience, but it didn’t. Released in Spain on April 26the movie of David Leitch He had discreet results that barely improved when he arrived shortly after in his native country, inaugurating the month of May.

The specialist has barely raised since then 86 million dollars in the US, with a global collection of 166 million that barely exceed the 150 million of budget it would have cost. This has not been helped in any way by Universal’s surprising decision to close its economic performance early: barely three weeks had passed since its American opening when the major decided to make it available on-lineso renting and piracy would kill any chance of The specialist gave benefits. Because no, the film has not made any profit.

In fact, according to World of Reel, is going to mean million-dollar losses for Universal. It is estimated that there will be losses of 60 million and it would have taken between 275 and 300 million dollars to be profitable (aside from the filming budget itself, Universal spent between 220 and 230 million for marketing and advertising only). It is a considerable disaster that, in addition to adding to the growing list of Hollywood fiascos, once again illustrates the need for commercial productions to move away from such budgets.

The specialist It was a comedy, after all. As much as Gosling and Blunt’s cache was necessarily large, it was also the case that Leitch’s previous film had made Universal sweat. bullet train It barely made any profits, and although it was the new thing from the director of Fast & Furious: Hobbs and Shaw and Deadpool 2Universal should have thought twice before putting so much money in their hands.

An executive consulted assures that the film should have been limited to a budget of 80 million, insisting on the unsustainability of the Hollywood model. Movies continue to be expensive despite the fact that there is a downward trend in the flow of spectators, which explains cases such as The specialist and also most of the fiascos of 2023: Indiana Jones and the Doom Dial, Haunted Mansion, Flash either The Marvels.

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