Infanta Sofía shows her belly with her most risky look: a jumpsuit that she has already worn

Infanta Sofía shows her belly with her most risky look: a jumpsuit that she has already worn
Infanta Sofía shows her belly with her most risky look: a jumpsuit that she has already worn

Updated June 19, 2024, 12:12 p.m.

Today is an important day for the Royal House,

It has been 10 years since Felipe VI was proclaimed king. An important date for Felipe and Letizia, but also for Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofía, who today, together with their parents, preside over different events on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the proclamation. To celebrate this date, Letizia wore a turquoise blue dress, while Leonor wore a red suit. But if there was expectation for a member of her family, it was for Infanta Sofía, who made her first public appearance today after finishing her course in Wales.

Sofía once again demonstrates her personality through her stylistic choice. The infanta r

epite one of your best looks, a very original jumpsuit that he already wore at the Concert of

the Princess of Asturias Awards 2023. It is a dark blue model with cut-out details on the sides, the contrasting front part in purple and fuchsia tones, and a straight, wide leg.

The monkey, as risky as it is successful, belongs to

the Sevillian brand Cardié, specialized in party clothes for guests. It is made of a crepe fabric and the detail of the tie-dye effect print in the chest area is a real success. The design of the peaked shoulders and the side slits that are covered with an inner strapless top is very youthful and looks great on you.

Infanta Sofia on the 10th anniversary of the proclamation /

limited pictures

In terms of beauty, Infanta Sofía once again opts for a

most natural look, with her loose hair combed in the center, and very delicate makeup in pink tones. The choice to repeat the costume reaffirms Infanta Sofía’s commitment to sustainability.

The great change of Infanta Sofía in these ten years

With salutes of honor and cheers

the three generations of members of the Royal Family were received when they looked out on the balcony of the Royal Palace after the change of occupant on the throne. First Felipe VI and Queen Letizia appeared, then their daughters Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofía, and finally King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofía. Before, the two little girls, sitting next to their mother and whose girlish legs did not reach the floor from the large armchairs they occupied, had applauded their father with great smiles, in their matching dresses.

A decade later, Felipe and Letizia’s youngest daughter has already left the family nest.

Sofía has completed her first international baccalaureate course at the Welsh boarding school UWC Atlantic, the same one where his older sister studied. Discreet, very close to Leonor and her parents and with her role within the monarchy very clear, that girl has become the interesting young woman that she is now.

Letizia and Infanta Sofía in the 2014 proclamation (LIMITED PICTURES)

Like the heir to the throne, also S

office is receiving more and more responsibilities commensurate with his age. Without going any further, today he will lead a meeting with his sister, without the presence of his parents, in which he will receive a group of young people his age who have been awarded by various foundations.

Also far from parental protection, it is likely that we will also see her with Princess Leonor in some event related to

the Princess of Girona Awards, which will take place in July in Lloret de Mar. Later, his solo institutional premiere will come with the presentation of awards from a National Heritage photography contest that bears his name.

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