Carmen Barbieri’s unexpected claim to Laurita Fernández for Fede Bal’s intimate tattoo

A long time after a scandalous stage, the host and the dancer chatted in Mañanísima about the past.

June 19, 2024, 11:17 a.m.

Carmen Barbieri and Laurita Fernández spoke face to face about Fede Bal’s infidelities / Video Mañanísima

Carmen Barbieri received in very morning to Laurita Fernández and they immediately started chatting about the relationship with Fede Bal.

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The host welcomed the dancer talking about the actor, Laurita’s ex-partner and Carmen’s sonand they had a fun back and forth.

Barbieri presented Fernández with flattery: “How beautiful you are. You are getting younger and younger. How nice the shoes…”

“I dressed for you…Do you like it?” the dancer responded gratefully.


The host immediately took the opportunity to highlight “with a face washed with that red mouth I can see that mouth down here of a man I love…”

Laurita Fernández and Carmen Barbieri after the screening of Legally Blonde.

“It keeps being? I thought she had covered it,” Laurita responded in reference to the tattoo of her lips that Fede wears. in his torso.

Barbieri asked, almost assuring, that the dancer and the actor “talk a lot… They talk to each other on the phone.”

“You know I haven’t spoken in a while but every time we crossed paths… Beyond our personal bond, he was a very important part “A great moment in my life,” said Fernández.

Barbieri noted that “they were also very good companions and won Dancing. They were together all day and they proved, for me, to be one of the best couples.”

“I look back with pride on that era of Dancing because it was very demanding. We had to do something with Fede because later he also turned to the musical,” the dancer recalled.

The driver wanted to know, although she already knew the answer, if “You called him when you found out about his cancer. “They remained on good terms.”

“Yes, I called him, we were very good. We didn’t talk anymore after the whole mess with the washing machine and all that, they obviously came to ask me questions and I always chose not to say anything. about other people’s ties,” Laurita referred to the eFede’s media scams.

Fernandez closed by ignoring Bal’s infidelities by clarifying that “it was uncomfortable because they came to ask you about your view as a woman.” on the subject and it was ugly that they put me in that place with that question about a foreign relationship.”

Laurita Fernández recalled the moment when she had to stop an intimate situation with an ex. Video: The Perfect Night

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