The love between ’s personal trainer and Anuel AA’s coach is over – Metro Puerto Rico

The love between ’s personal trainer and Anuel AA’s coach is over – Metro Puerto Rico
The love between Karol G’s personal trainer and Anuel AA’s coach is over – Metro Puerto Rico

The Puerto Rican personal trainer and former participant of the Exatlón United States program, Yarishna Ayala, confirmed her separation with the also trainer Luis Ojeda.

Through her Instagram, the personal trainer indicated that the relationship ended after four years of marriage.

“Family, I have always shared all the special and happy moments about my relationship with Luis. Today I feel ready to share that the relationship has ended. They were years of experience and learning that will remain with both of us for a lifetime. I will not give any further statements on the matter. I appreciate the understanding of all the people who have always been in my life and have supported me in my career. My dreams and ideals continue and I hope to count on your support from today and always ”, he expressed.

Yarishna Ayala is the personal trainer of the Colombian singer , while Luis Ojeda is the personal trainer of the urban exponent Anuel AA.

Karol G’s personal trainer lashes out at critics of the singer’s abs

Given the comments of many users on social networks about the figure of the Colombian singer Karol G, her personal trainer, the Puerto Rican Yarishna Ayala, came out in defense of her by highlighting the work she has done with her physique.

Through her Instagram, the personal trainer and ex-participant of the Exatlón United States program reported that a month ago the Colombian singer began to train hard for her tour, in addition to doing yoga and changing her diet. She assured that it is for this reason that she is seen with abs and a slimmer figure in the photographs that were published last week when she was seen holding hands with the urban exponent Feid in Miami.

“Many wonder about Karol and her body. Exactly one month ago she started preparing for the tour; She is a person who highly respects her audience and her work and on this occasion, due to the fact that they are stadiums, she feels that she has to be the best version of herself and wants to go the extra mile. She has been disciplined like never before, a lot with her diet, which is a fundamental part of the result. To her training and nutrition, she added the Yoga that she does every day without fail, in addition to the long choreography rehearsals. Reasons why she has also been a little further away from the networks. It’s sad to see them talk about surgeries on a woman who constantly invites us to love ourselves just the way we are. But also commitment and discipline. The great and fast results also come from the focus and commitment to yourself. From the bottom of my heart this is told by a person who sees her strive daily to achieve the changes that everyone can see in her today! My respects Carolina,” Ayala wrote.

The photo where Karol G and Feid are seen together holding hands occurred prior to his concert in Miami last Friday. With the photo, they confirmed their relationship and it worked to stop the attacks they have received from the Puerto Rican urban exponent Anuel AA.

Last week, Anuel was at the Tu Música Urbano Awards in Puerto Rico where he wore a shirt that read: “You’re with Feid but you know you’re mine.”

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