Jesus Christ our food and medicine

Jesus Christ our food and medicine
Jesus Christ our food and medicine

Jesus Christ our food and medicine

Eucharist food and medicine

Throughout my life many things have happened to me: pleasant and unpleasant, hard and pleasant, illnesses and days of plenty. Always, in all circumstances, with me, Jesus Christ Eucharist. He is the strength of the weak, a remedy in every need. How can we thank God that he has stayed with us until the end of the ages!

This is how I wrote in my diary remembering the first time I received Jesus: “For me today is a memorable day; completely Eucharistic: exactly fifty years since my First Communion. How will I thank God for so much favor? Since then, I have received Jesus more than fifteen thousand times. Flowing rivers of grace have flooded my soul. What trust with Him! If you said, Lord: “Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood will have eternal life,” what must be my hope of salvation! Half a century is a long time for humans. We call it a golden anniversary. Half a century is not enough to love you, Lord. I need eternity!”

The best medicine we have in this world is Jesus in Communion. I am happy hearing the song of the nightingale, and contemplating the warm dawn on a summer day. Rejoicing in union with you would be an understatement, Lord. It is your contact oven of love; It is fusion with your body; resting nest; walker’s refuge; medicine for the sick; ancestral home of the heavenly Father; source of eternal life. If my soul remains healthy it is thanks to the Eucharist, if I feel strong in my weakness it is thanks to Him.

How many years, Lord, are the history of my loves with you! You are already my hope without return until eternal possession. But now the other side of my love relationship comes to mind. The disposition of my soul must have been poor, since I am not a saint. Over the years I have not known how to vibrate day after day with the intensity of someone who attends the Sacred Banquet, whose food is Christ. But you have always delivered my soul from eternal death, and I trust that you will continue to do so until the end. There is a reason you are our great medicine. And we are the sick of the spirit.

From tomorrow, when they begin to count the eternal wedding of my union with you, prepare my poor heart. And the Virgin Mary, who knows so much about love, adorn my soul a little, and teach me to take communion. You are, Jesus, the remedy for our human weakness.

José María Lorenzo Amelibia

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