The unbeatable Pilates exercise to show off a strong abdomen

The unbeatable Pilates exercise to show off a strong abdomen
The unbeatable Pilates exercise to show off a strong abdomen

On many occasions, we search in the pilates more than a simple exercise; We see it as an opportunity to improve our posture and tone our muscles. This discipline not only gives us a slimmer figure, but also contributes significantly to our postural health by strengthening the muscles that surround our spine.

The Sierra is a key movement within the repertoire of the pilates, specially designed for those who want to sculpt their abdomen and improve their spinal alignment. This exerciseperfect for beginners, can be done comfortably at home with the help of a yoga mat, offering an accessible option for those who want to benefit from the principles of Pilates from home.

This exercise will help you strengthen your abdomen. Source: Canva.

The Sierra movement involves twisting the torso with a forward bend, starting from a sitting position on the sit bones, keeping the back in a neutral position and the legs extended slightly wider than the shoulders.

This exercise strengthens your abdomen in pilates

By extending your arms in the shape of a cross, with palms facing down, and keeping your shoulders relaxed but active, you begin the movement by inhaling deeply, seeking maximum torque without lifting your pelvic bones off the mat.

During exhalation, the torso is flexed with the back rounded forward, while one hand is directed towards the opposite ankle, simulating the movement of a saw. The opposite arm is stretched back, returning to the starting position before changing direction to the other side.

The Sierra not only promotes strengthening of the spine and core muscles, but also improves pelvic stability, hip flexibility and sitting posture. Its inclusion in a routine exercises Sit-ups can be highly beneficial for those looking to improve their core strength and overall postural health.

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