Being on the move, much more than an ally of physical health

Being on the move, much more than an ally of physical health
Being on the move, much more than an ally of physical health

Aging also produces cognitive deterioration and, although there is no specific treatment, we have alternatives to take care of the mental health. Recent studies showed that engage in moderate physical activity regularly Not only does it benefit the body, but it also has a positive impact on brain function.

In addition to the muscular and aerobic benefits, moderate physical exercise routines play a crucial role in maintaining brain health. According to neuroscience research, exercising can stimulate the process of neurogenesisthat is to say, proliferate the creation of new neurons.

Moderate exercise routines delay the effects of the passage of time on the body, in all its dimensions.

What does this news that is trending around the world today mean? Reaffirms that movement is vital in people’s livesbut also, although each routine must be adapted to the needs of each individual, it is very important to achieve balance in our activities, neither sedentary lifestyle nor excesses: harmony.

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The integral Health It is achieved by finding well-being, not only physical, but also emotional and cognitive, and the key to this new research is that movement motivates the production of neurons, the improvement of blood flow and oxygenation of the brainall processes driven by moderate training during our routine.

Together with OSDE we share with you, in addition to movement, some tips so that you achieve harmony and balance in every moment of your life:

  • Combine a training routine with a meal plan that fits your needs.

  • Take care of your emotional health giving importance to good relationships, moments of relaxation and digital disconnection, especially in times of great stress.

  • Carry out periodic medical check-ups.

  • Take care of your hydration and don’t forget to put on sunscreen every time you go out in the sun.

Various studies confirm that exercise is much more than muscle stimulation.

Remember that an exercise routine not only has an aesthetic purpose, but also has control over your body and prevention of diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and obesity, among other. It is being in balance, physically, mentally and emotionally.

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