Boehringer Ingelheim sponsors the XXVI Anembe International Congress of Bovine Medicine

The meeting had a complete scientific program and a large exhibition area where the company’s ruminant team was present with a stand raised around biological products and the Somos Rumis platform.

From April 24 to 26, the city of Córdoba hosted the XXVI International ANEMBE Congress of Bovine Medicine. A must-see event for professionals in the sector, which included the presence of Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health Spain, which, once again, participated as a sponsor.

Under the motto “Sustainability, a key pillar of our progress”, the congress had a complete scientific program and a large exhibition area where the ruminant team from Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health Spain was present with a stand focused on biological products. and to the Somos Rumis platform. A platform focused on bovine health that places farmers and veterinarians at the center, and includes the value-added services that the company offers for professionals.

Committed to prevention

As for biologicals, the focus was on Bovela, a reference product for the company that combines the effectiveness of a live vaccine and the safety of an inactivated vaccine. A perfect example that represents Boehringer Ingelheim’s firm commitment to prevention and its active collaboration in the elimination of persistently infected (PI) animals.


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