the failures of the doctors and their final sentence

the failures of the doctors and their final sentence
the failures of the doctors and their final sentence

Anyway You will be able to continue working until the sentence is final.

During the trial, The doctor assured that he was not informed of the patient’s allergy and offered his apologies. According to what was reported by local media and Clarín, after what happened, the man tried to compensate the family financially, an offer that was completely rejected.

In addition to Bordazahar, 52-year-old nurse Laura Fabiana Stéfano was also charged. Because she did not appear in the debate at the Correctional Court No. 1 of the Judicial Department, she will be declared in default and, in effect, she will have to face a new judicial process.

She underwent surgery and died from being allergic: the failures that caused the fatal outcome

They operated on her for a hernia, gave her Diclofenac and she died.jpg

The Necochea clinic where the death of Acosta, 71, occurred (Photo: Cruz Azul Clinic).

In the judicial process it was exposed that in the clinic Acosta’s daughter-in-law was made to sign the consent form, without reading it; that the clinical record that warned, in red, of the allergy to Diclofenac was not reviewed; and that in the cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) maneuvers, in intensive care, adrenaline was omitted to be injected, something recommended in these cases.

Marta died after suffering shock and two cardiorespiratory arrests.

Acosta was not an unknown patient at the clinic. She was affiliated with PAMI, it was already the fourth time she had undergone surgery there.

In addition to the operation for the abdominal hernia from previous years, she had had gallbladder and hip surgery.

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